The Cumulonimbus Cloud.
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The Cumulonimbus Cloud is the largest cloud on earth. The cloud develops when warm moist air rises and is cooled, which causes water vapour within the air to condenses into droplets. The condensing of the water produces heat which causes the air to rise higher into the sky, making the cloud grow to the top of the troposphere where the temperature of the air evens out.

Tiny crystals of ice collect in the top of the cloud, and the bottom of the cloud is full of rain.

Static electricity builds up within the cumulonimbus cloud, and when too much static electricity has built up, the thunderstorm begins.

Friction produces the static electricity, and hailstones form within the cloud as water droplets and crystals of ice are blown around and rub together in freezing violent updraughts (currents of air).

Positive (top of the cloud and the ground) and negative (bottom of the cloud) charges build up within the cloud and upon the ground until electricity (flashes of lightning) shoot between the charges within the cloud, or from the cloud to another cloud, or from the cloud to the ground.

The cumulonimbus cloud brings heavy rain, snow, giant hailstones and unpredictable gusty winds.

Hailstones begin to fall, because they are too heavy to be sustained by the weakening updraughts of air, and heavy rain and snow will fall from the cloud until the cloud disappears.

Tornadoes, violent funnels of whirling wind reaching up to speeds of 350 miles per hour which reach down to the earth from the clouds or stretch through the air like spaghetti, are generated from, cumulonimbus clouds.

Lightning thunders as it makes its way through the air.
26 When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder: Job 28:26

26 When he made a decree for the rain, and a [, along, through, away, toward, (high, path) way, trodden (road, path), way-side, whithersoever, a course of life, a mode of action, manner, custom, journey, (east-) ward, because of, passenger, conversation. See: abar, asar, halak, yad] way for the lightning of the thunder: Job 28:26

Flashes of lightning shooting through the air cause the air to rapidly expand which produces the sound of thunder.

We see lightning before we hear thunder because light travels faster than sound.

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