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The Emperor.  / And God Created Penguins.

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Old King James Bible.

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21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:21

21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every [ë?ðó ka^na^ph kaw-nawf’ From ë?ðó ka^naph kaw-naf’ 3670; an (edge, extremity); particularly (of a bird or army) a wing, (of a garment or bed clothing) a flap,(of the earth) a quarter, (of a building) a pinnacle: – wing, a wing (as covering and protecting), wing (-ed), feather (-ed), flying, bird, quarter (-s), corner, border, uttermost part, end, overspreading, skirt, (one an-) other, sort. See Strongs 3671 winged [òåó ?o^ph ofe From òå?ó ?u^ph oof 5774; a bird (as covered with feathers, as covering with wings), frequently collective: – that flieth, flying, bird, fowl. See Strongs 5775] fowl after his [îéï mi^yn meen to portion out; a sort, species: – kind. Compare Strongs 4480. See Strongs 4327] kind: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:21

21And God created..every a flap, feather (-ed), a bird (as covered with feathers, after his species and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:21

A flap is pendulous. See Strongs 4651

Pendulous: hanging (down), drooping, swinging,

And God created every species of bird with flaps that hang down (pendulous flaps).
And God created every species of penguin.

ë?ðó ka^naph kaw-naf’ to project laterally, to withdraw, be removed (into a corner). See Strongs 3670

òå?ó ?u^ph oof Primitive root; to cover with (wings, obscurity); denominative from 5775 to fly; also (by implication of dimness) to faint (from the darkness of swooning): – fly (away – ), flee away, be (wax) faint, be (faint, weary), weary, set, shine forth, brandish. See Strongs 5774

îð?é îð?é îï min minni^y minne^y min, minniy,, through, because of, by (reason of), (out) of, from (among), after, since, above, in, whether, with, than, then, neither, nor, etc. The word min takes many forms when combined with other words. See Strongs 4480

îô?ì mappa^l map-pawl’ a falling off, chaff; also something pendulous, that is, a flap: – flake, refuse. See Strongs 4651
The Penguin.

A Bible Study.
Penguins are aquatic birds. Genesis 1:21 The natural habitat of a penguin is the sea. Penguins come to land to brood and grow new feathers.
Penguins are birds with feathers and feathered pendulous flaps. 3671..Genesis 1:21..Ezekiel 39:17..The flaps of a penguin hang stiffly down their sides. Penguins use their feet and their flaps (flippers) when tobogganing on their stomaches to steady themselves and to push themselves over the ice. They also use their flaps (flippers to propel them when swimming in the sea).During courting displays penguins flap their flaps (flippers) up and down.
Birds are speckled, striped, or of diverse colors. see 6641 with 6648 Penguins are diverse colors (black, brown, white, grey, orange, yellow and red ).
There are different species of birds (penguins). Genesis 1:21
Birds fly. 5775 Hosea 9:11 Penguins are flightless birds.
Birds have claws. Dan 4:33 Penguins have claws.

Birds (penguins) build nests. 7064..7077 Job 39:27..Psalm 104:17..Jeremiah 48:28..Ezekiel 31:6
Birds (penguins) build nests in or on rocks. 7077..6354 Jeremiah 48:28
Birds (penguins) build nests on the ground. Deuteronomy 22:6..Job 39:13,14
The Adelie penguins warm the cold earth with their bellies and scratch the ground with their feet, then they collect rocks in their beaks and use them to line their nests. Fairy penguins dig burrows in the banks of sand in dunes. Sometimes Fairy Penguins nests are sheltered places among the rocks. Fairy penguins line their nests with leaves and grass. Adelies, and little penguins, build their nests in rookeries. Emperor Penguins build themselves nests within rookeries. A penguins nesting site is called a rookery.

Birds (penguins) form rookeries (flocks). 2966 of Ezek 44:31
Birds (penguins) have mates. 7468 Isaiah 34:15
Birds (doves, penguins) mate with their mates. 3123 Jer 48:28
Birds (penguins) have nests. Psalm 104:17 The Emperor penguins nest is a brood pouch above its clawed feet.
Birds (penguins) lay smooth and slippery eggs. 1716..4422..Isa 34:15 Penguins lay eggs.
Birds lay clutches of eggs. 1716 Isaiah 34:15 The Emperor Penguin lays one egg. The Adelie penguin lays two eggs.
Birds lay eggs in their nests. Isaiah 34:15 The female Emperor penguin lays her egg in her nest (brood pouch).
Hens lay many eggs, (have broods of chickens). 3555 Luke 13:34
The shell of an egg is usually white. 1000 The Emperor penguins egg is a greenish white.
An egg is made of a shell which contains a transparent substance and a round yellow yolk. 7388..You can look inside of a chickens egg to find the yellow yolk!
Eggs need to be incubated (kept warm). Job 39:14
A mother bird is called a dam. 517 Deuteronomy 22:6 Mother birds sit upon their eggs.
Birds (owls..penguins) nestle in their nests. 7077..7064..Psalm 104:17..Isaiah 34:15..The Emperor chick nestles in the brood pouch of its parents.
Birds (penguins) and their nestlings dwell in nests. 7064..Deuteronomy 22:6
Birds crouch, fold their legs, fall (lie) down, sit, recline, repose, brood, rest upon their eggs. 7064 Deuteronomy 22:6 The male Adelie penguin stands guard as his mate sits upon her eggs.
Some birds refuse, forsake, leave, abandon, (relinquish) their eggs. 5800 Job 39:13,14..Isaiah 10:14..Penguins lose their eggs during periods of heavy rain and flooding.
Mother birds and sometimes father birds sit on eggs. 517 & 1 Deuteronomy 22:6 The male Emperor Penguin keeps his egg warm.
Birds sit(brood) over their eggs, and young. 7064 Deuteronomy 22:6 The male Emperor Penguin broods upon his egg.
Birds warm their eggs beneath their feathered bodies. Deuteronomy 22:6 The male Emperor Penguin keeps his egg warm in his feathered brood pouch which is above the claws of his feet.
Emperor penguins embed their eggs and nestlings in their brood pouch (feathers). 7064 Feathers keep birds warm. Deuteronomy 22:6
Emperor penguins crouch, fold their legs, fall (lie) down, sit, recline, repose, brood, rest upon their eggs. 7064 Eg: Crouch: bend low (with the legs and body close), huddle down close to ground, stoop servilely, cringe.Deut 22:6
Birds (penguins) gather their eggs under their shadows. 6738 Isaiah 34:15
Bird (pigeons & eagles Deut 32:11..penguins) relax as they sit upon their eggs (young, nestlings). Deuteronomy 32:11..Birds (penguins) relax.
Eggs crack and burst (break) open. 1234 Isaiah 34:15 Birds (penguins) burst (hatch) out of eggs. 667 Psalm 84:3..It takes about 66 days for and Emperor Penguin chick to grow within, and hatch out of, its egg. Egg shells can be broken into pieces. Isa 34:15..1234 Egg shell can be used to make drawing chalk.

Birds (penguins) regurgitate, vomit, (bring swallowed [partly digested] food) back into the mouth. 6893 Leviticus 11:18..Deuteronomy 14:17..Psalm 102:6..Isaiah 34:11..Zephaniah 2:14 Penguin chicks are fed from the beaks of their parents.

A nestling (bird that is too young to leave the nest) is comparitively nude of feathers. 1469 Penguins are covered with soft fluffy down when they hatch out of their eggs.
Birds (penguins) gather their chicks underneath their shadows, feathered wings (feathers). 6738..Isa 34:15..Matthew 23:37..Penguins don’t have wings, they have pendulous flaps..Genesis 1:21..Emperor and King penguin chicks sit in warmth and shade upon their parents claws.
Birds embed their eggs and nestlings in their feathers. 7064 Deuteronomy 22:6 Feathers are warm. Feathers keep birds warm. The male Emperor penguin embeds his egg in his feathered brood pouch. The female Emperor penguin embeds her penguin chick in her feathered brood pouch.
A young bird is called a nestling. 7064 Deuteronomy 22:6 Penguins nestle in their nests.
A birdling is a chicken. 3556 A penguin chicken is a birdling.
Birds (penguins) flap their flippers up and down in the nests. 5074 Proverbs 27:8

Birds (penguins) are put in their nests. 7971 Female penguins lay eggs which hatch in nests. The egg of the Emperor penguin is put in the brood pouch.
Birds (penguins) wave to and fro in their nests. 5074 Young chicks are wobbly (wave to and fro in their nests).
Birds (penguins) rove (wander) /away from their nests. 5074 Young penguin chicks who wander away from their nests freeze to death on the ice, or, are killed and eaten by predators. Skua birds and giant petrel birds prey on penguin chicks.
Birds forsake, leave, (give up) their nests. 7971
Birds (penguins) stretch forth out, (reach forth) of their nests. 7971 Chicks reach out of the nests.
Birds (penguins) are let depart from their nests. 7971 Adult penguins dont try to keep their chicks in the nest.
Birds (penguins) depart (flee (away)) from their nests. 5074 Penguins grow up and leave their nests.

Birds (penguins) have voices, birds (penguins) give forth the voice, make noises, cry (out) call (aloud), yell, proclaim, sing, and be quiet. 6963 Psalm 104:12 Penguins call out to one another. Male Emperor Penguins call their mates. Female Emperor penguins call to the males as they return from hunting in the sea. Penguins call their chicks with special sounds.

Birds (penguins) coo, chatter, chirp, and peep. 6850 Isaiah 38:14 During courting, Male and female adult adelie penguins sing and talk to one another. Penguins chatter.

Birds (penguins) eat the dead flesh of man and animals. 6297 of Gen 15:11 Penguins hunt, kill and eat, krill, fish, and squid. Penguins chase fish and catch them with their beaks.

Some birds (penguins) dive into the sea. 7994 Leviticus 11:17..Deuteronomy 14:17 Penguins live near the sea. Penguins spend a lot of time swimming in the sea. Penguins eat krill, fish and squid. Penguins find their food in the sea. Penguins use their flaps (flippers) as paddles when swimming in the icy waters of Antarctica.

Birds (penguins) lie in wait. 6679 Lam 3:52 Penguins lie in wait to catch, kill, and eat, krill, fish, and squid.
Birds (penguins) hunt animals, (victual, provisons). 6679 Lam 3:52 Penguins hunt, kill and eat, krill, fish, and squid.
Birds (penguins) chase animals, (victual, provisons).. Lam 3:52 Penguins hunt, kill and eat, krill, fish, and squid.
Birds (penguins) catch animals, (victual, provisons).. Lam 3:52 Penguins hunt, kill and eat, krill, fish, and squid.

Birds (penguins) regurgitate, vomit, (bring swallowed [partly digested] food) back into the mouth. 6893 Leviticus 11:18..Deuteronomy 14:17..Psalm 102:6..Isaiah 34:11..Zephaniah 2:14 Penguins feed their chicks partialy digested food.

Birds (penguins) are torn to pieces and devoured by beasts, cattle, (animals). 2966 Ezek 44:3..Killer whales, sharks, and seals, prey upon penguins.

The flesh of birds (penguins) is not the same as the flesh of humans and animals. 1 Cor 15:39

Birds (penguins) quake, shudder, (tremble) with discomfit, anxiety, fear, (terror). 2729 Deuteronomy 28:26..Jeremiah 7:33
Birds, (penguins) get uncomfortable, suffer anxiety, and experience fear. 2729 Deuteronomy 28:26.. Jeremiah 7:33
Birds (penguins) be careful. 2729 Deuteronomy 28:26..Jeremiah 7:33
Birds (penguins) can be frightened away. Deuteronomy 28:26..Jeremiah 7:33..Penguins are frightened away by killer whales, sharks, and seals.

Birds (penguish) get sick, get weak and feeble and mourn (languish). Hosea 4:3..1897 Isaiah 38:14 Birds (penguins) experience feelings of love, and they mourn over their missing, or dead.

Birds (penguins) murmer with pleasure and murmer with anger. 1897 Isaiah 38:14
Birds (penguins) feel pleasure. 1897 Isaiah 38:14
Birds (penguins) get angry. 1897 Isaiah 38:14
Birds (penguins) meditate, ponder, imagine. 1897 Isaiah 38:14

Birds (penguins) can be tamed. James 3:7

God created every bird (penguin). Genesis 1:21
Two of each species of penguin were taken into the ark. Genesis 6:19
God made a covenant with every bird (penguin) upon the earth. Genesis 6:19
God can see, recognizes, and knows every bird (penguin). 3045 Psalm 50:11
God makes himself known to birds (penguins). 3045 Psalm 50:11
Birds (penguins) shake at the presence of God. Ezekiel 38:20
God taught, instructed, (gave) the birds (penguins) their wisdom. 3045 Psa 50:11
God respects all birds (penguins). 3045 Psa 50:11
Birds (penguins) are wise. 2449 Job 35:11..Penguins fly up into the air and out of the sea.
Birds (pigeons & eagles Deut 32:11..penguins) shake (flutter) their wings (flippers). Deut 32:11
You can learn things by watching birds (penguins). Job 12:7

There are birds (penguins) in heaven. 3956..4071 Acts 10:12..Acts 11:6 There are penguins who live on the hot beaches of South Africa, who open their beaks and pant like dogs in the heat..To get some of the water they need in Antarctica, penguins eat ice.

Birds (penguins) don’t sow, reap, or gather into barns, yet God feeds them. Matt 6:26..Lke 12:24
We are better than birds (penguins). Matt 6:26..Lke 12:24

The book.
And God Created Penguins.

The Emperor.

Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 17th August 2007

All rights reserved.

In the cold months of Antarctica, as the sea begins to freeze, and animals, and birds, are migrating to warmer places, thousands of emperor penguins leap up out of the water and onto frozen sea-ice, and they waddle, and they toboggan, to distant breeding colonies, to court, and mate, and breed, upon the frozen snowy ice.

Courting Emperor Penguins.
When the penguins arrive at the breeding ground (colony) which is about 100 kilometres from the sea, sometime during March, they select their mates from the thick crowd of emperors by listening to their trumpeting songs and watching their courting displays. When a female is interested in a male she answers him with a call, and the emperors come face to face. The penguins call to one another with their beaks pointed towards the ground, and if the female accepts the male; waddling she follows him, and they waddle around the colony. The courting lasts for about two months, and after the penguins have mated, the male and the female stay together for about another 6 or 7 weeks, a period of time in which, the penguins do not eat.

Laying & passing the egg.
The female penguin lays one egg upon her feet, the egg, is greenish white, and about 12 centimetres long and 8 centimetres wide. The male uses his beak to scoop the egg from between the females feet and move it up onto his own feet, and into his brooding pouch where there is a bare patch of skin on his lower belly which allows heat from his body to keep the egg warm. The passing of the egg is a dangerous period of time, because, if the warm egg comes into contact with the freezing ice, there is a possibility that the egg will be cracked by the cold. After the passing of the egg, the female leaves the male to incubate the egg, while she heads off to the sea to feed. The female will return again when the egg is ready to hatch.

Incubating the egg.
Male emperor penguins with their eggs in their brood pouches, huddle tightly together, 24 hours a day during dark Antarctic winters without food or water, in two hundred kilometre an hour freezing winds and temperatures that plummet to -40 degrees celsius, to incubate their eggs.

Kept warm in the huddle by their feathers and the thick layers of blubber that cover their tired, starving, and weakening flesh, the emperors share the heat, on the frozen Antarctic ice, by moving towards and away from the center of the huddle.

There is great exitement when the chick breaks out, then the male feeds the chick, and in the distance the female calls and is welcomed by her trumpeting mate, who reluctantly gives her the chick, that is standing upon his feet.

The emperor chick which weighs about 300 grams, is quickly moved to its mother’s brooding pouch, it is a careful process because, if the chick falls upon the ice, the chick might freeze to death. Penguins who lose their chicks, try to steal other chicks when they see them on the ice, they push them into their pouches only to abandon them later-on to an icy death, due to lack of parental bonding. To avoid chicks being stolen or frozen to death, emperor chicks are quickly passed from parent to parent.

The male emperor penguin then waddles and tobaggans on his belly as he sets off for the sea to find food. He returns to the colony about three weeks later, fat and full of krill and fish and squid. The male then takes over feeding and keeping the chick warm while the female returns to the sea. Emperor penguins share the job of feeding and raising their chicks.

When a penguin chick is old enough to move in and out of its parents brooding pouch, the chick stays close to its parent because of the unpredictable Antarctic weather.

When a penguin chick is old enough to leave its parents, the chick attends a creche while both of the parents go looking for food to feed themselves and also the chick. Penguin chicks huddle together to keep warm in the creche. Due to the cold conditions of Antartica some penguin chicks die by freezing to death.

Growing chicks need lots of food to grow and keep warm.
Emperor penguins return more frequently with food for their rapidly growing chicks at the end of winter when the days have grown lighter, longer, warmer, and Antarctica has begun to shrink (the sea-ice has begun to melt and retreat). Emperor penguins feed their chicks from beak to beak. Emperor penguins have to find enough food for themselves and also for their rapidly growing hungry chicks. On each return visit to the colony the parent brings back about 1 kilogram of food. Penguin chicks sit with their heads held high calling to their parents for food. Persons who are overharvesting the sea are depriving penguins of their much needed food.

The food chain.
Leopard seals and killer whales eat emperor penguins. Emperor penguins eat krill, squid and fish. Krill, the centre of the Antarctic food web, eats phytoplankton a microscopic plant which uses the energy of the sun to make its own food. Sea birds, seals, whales, and other penguins also eat krill.

Melting ice.
Penguin chicks die of starvation when the sea-ice does not retreat quickly because the journey to the open sea is too far, and it takes so long, that parents are not able to bring home enough food for their rapidly growing hungry chicks.

If the sea-ice melts too quick penguin chicks who have not grown their waterproof adult feathers fall into the water and either drown or freeze to death.

The penguins food.
Penguins feed on krill, small squid, and fish. The penguins usually dive to depths of up to 100 metres staying under the water for 2 or 3 minutes. Penguins have been known to dive to depths of 500 metres, and stay under the water for around 20 minutes. Emperor penguins dive up to 100 times a day sometimes searching for food on the bed of the sea.

Returing to the colony.
Male and female emperor penguins call their chicks as they are returning to the colony, and the little chicks that recognize their returning parents voices, raise their little heads and call to be fed. The calling of the penguins continues until the penguins meet.Persons who are overharvesting the sea are depriving penguins of their much needed food.

Emperor penguins stop bringing their chicks food when they are about 5 months old, it is at this time, when the chicks weigh about 15 kilograms and have lost their downy feathers, that the young chicks have to go to sea and find food for themselves. The chicks get to the sea by following other penguin parents who are still journeying backwards and forwards to and from the sea.

Young emperor penguins, half the size of adults dive into the sea among floating icebergs, whales, seals, and other penguins in the middle of summer when there is an abundant supply of food. The penguins will spend the next 4 and half years of their lives in the sea and sometimes upon floating icebergs until they are old enough to find mates and raise chicks of their own.

Emperor penguins breed every year, the emperor can live for as long as twenty years.

Killers whales and leopard seals wait at the edges of sea-ice watching for penguins as they enter and leave the sea.

Emperor penguin facts.
Penguins have a thick layer of fat (blubber) beaneath their skin which keeps their bodies warm when swimming in freezing water and standing in the icy cold wind of an Antarctic blizzard.

The area of the penguins beak where heat can be lost is small.

The penguins body is streamlined for swimming through the sea.

The ears of a penguin are covered by feathers. The penguins hearing is good.

Egg brood.
The emperor penguin has a layer of skin on its belly, underneath which, it places its egg to keep it warm.

Penguins have good eyesight above and below water.

The coat of a penguin is waterproof, and consists of three layers of short oily feathers. The penguins body stays dry because its feathers keep out water, the feathers also prevent the penguin from losing body heat.

The penguins clawed and webbed feet which have anklets of feathers to keep the legs and feet warm, are set back upon the penguins body, and it causes the penguins to waddle as they walk. The claws of the penguins are thick and strong and they use them to grip the ice to prevent themselves from slipping. Penguins use their feet as rudders and brakes. Penguins sometimes hop.

The penguins stiff and pendulous flaps (flippers) move in the shoulder area only.

The shape of the emperors head from the top, to the end of its beak is triangular. Ideal for torpedoing through the water.

Heat is taken from a penguins breath by its nostrils, the heat is then used to warm the air taken in on the penguins next breath.

Fat, stored in the emperors blubber is converted into a sugery substance that provides the energy which is required by the penguins to keep their bodies active during the period of incubation.

Penguin deaths.
Penguins die of starvation, from the cold, from poisons, and from strangulation, when the sea is overharvested for fish, when oil is spilled in the sea, when dangerous chemicals that are spilled in the sea mix with the oil, and when they get tangled up in discarded fishing nets.

Tourism is a threat to penguins. Penguins are scared away from their eggs by tourists who travel to their colonies in noisy aeroplanes. Tourists also disrupt their feeding patterns, and crush plants that protect the soil from erosion as they trample throughout penguin colonies.

Global warming.
Major changes in the penguins environment is a threat to penguin survival.

Pollution is contributing to the growth of a large hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica. The ozone layer protects animals and plants from the suns damaging ultrviolet rays.

Large chunks of floating ice that have broken from the Antarctic ice sheet.

A large group of animals living together and raising young.

Animal behaviour which is exhibited before mating.

Brood pouch.
A pocket of blubber on the emperor penguins belly where it covers and protects its egg.

Warming an egg while a chick grows inside.

Groups of young penguins huddling together for warmth while waiting for their parents to return with their food.

Old feathers being replaced with new feathers.

Shrimp-like marine creatures.

Microscopic marine plants that use the suns energy to make food.

Food Chain.
The manner in which animals and plants are dependent upon one another for food.

Ozone layer.
A thin layer of gases surrounding the Earth which protect it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Damaging the environoment, by dumping chemical wastes which release harmful gases into the atmosphere, upon the land and into the sea.

Global warming.
An increase in the Earth’s temperature which is being caused by the release of polluting substances into the air.
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