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This is a bible study about whales. You can look up the scriptures in the Holy Bible, and you can look up the Hebrew meaning of the words in the study by pointing your mouse to the Strongs number that is beside the word in the mentioned scripture of your e-sword bible.

A whale is a fish..Jonah 1:17..A whale is a huge fish..
Matthew 12:40..Whales live in the sea..Ezekiel 32:2..Whales swim in the sea..Job 12:8..Whales swim by wriggling, vibrating (moving their tails up and down in the sea).. Strongs 1709..Whales laugh and breach, (leap up out of the water, play) in the sea..Job 41:5..Whales are huge..Matthew 12:40..Strongs 2785..Whales are huge sea monsters.. Lamentations 4:3..Whales are huge marine monsters.. Lamentations 4:3..Strongs. 8565..Female whales have breasts..Lamentations 4:3..Female whales mate with male whales and give birth to babies in the sea..The breasts of the female whales who give birth swell and bulge with milk..Lamentations 4:3..Strongs 7699..Female whales suckle (breastfeed) their babies..Lamentations 4:3 Strongs 3243.. Whales howl..Strongs 8577..Whales howl in the sea..Male whales lie in the sea and sing (howl)..When whales are hunting fish, they make nets by blowing rings of bubbles while circling shoals of fish and they make howling noises and they confound the co-ordination of the shoal of fish, and the whales gape (open their mouths wide) and swallow hundreds of fish as they lift themselves up and out of the sea. Strongs 5490

You can download a Bible Concordance in a free Bible from E-Sword


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