Ice & Water.


Ice & Water.

Water. Earth Science. Biblical.
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Ice & Water.
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Watris ben maad hard in the licnesse of stoon, and the ouer part of occian is streyned togidere.
Job 38:30 Wycliffe

30 The waters are hid as with a stone, and the face of the deep is frozen. Job 38:30 K.J.V.

30 The [mayim..juice, urine, semen, water, waters, water-course, flood, spring, watering, wasting] waters are [chaba
..hide, hide self, to hide self, hide selves, be hid, to secrete, do secretly, held] hid as with a [eben..a stone, slingstone, chalkstone, headstone, hailstone, great hail-stone, carbuncle, plummet, stony, weight, diverse weights, mason] stone, and the [panim..edge, forward, forefront, forepart, front, upon, upside + down, face, the face (as the part that turns), form, look, looketh, looks, sight,
countenance, open, presence, mouth, anger, favour, before, old time, aforetime, former, former time, before time, time past, times past, of old, of old time, heaviness, person, state, prospect, be purposed, was purposed, open, within, against, over against, to meet, shewbread, me, ye, you, thee, them, themselves, him, himself, for, from, in, on, it,
at, of, off, till, with, through, through out, out of, toward, untoward, as long as, beseech, employ, serve, endure, enquire, fear of, honourable, impudent, more than,
the partial, regard, please, by reason, right forth, straight, street, withstand, battle] face of the [tehom..
abyss, deep, deep place, the deep sea, depth, a surging mass of water, underground water] deep is [lakad..catch, to catch, catch self, to catch in a net, to trap, to pit, to capture, take, be taken, to cohere, stick together, be froze, be frozen, to occupy, be holden, to choose by lot, at all] frozen. Job 38:30 K.J.V.

30 The waters are held, (hidden) in hailstone, great hailstone, (stone), and the face, (upside) of under- ground water, (the deep) is catch self, to capture, stick together, be holden, (be frozen). Job 38:30

Frozen water becomes ice..Job 6:15-17..Ice is stone..Job 38:30..Stone is hard..Job 38:30..Frozen water becomes stone
..Job 38:30..Frozen water becomes hard..Job 38:30..Frozen
water becomes hard stone..Job 38:30..Ice feels hard..Stones are heavy..Prov 27:3..Blocks of ice are heavy…Stones sink in water..Ex 15:5,10..Parts of (blocks of ice) icebergs sink in water..Ice floats on water..Job 38:30..Parts of icebergs stick out of the water..Wycliffe & K.J.V..The surface of water freezes..Job 38:30..Job 6:15-17..Water freezes from the top down?..Waters of the deep sea at the poles freezes from the surface down.

Q. Why does ice float on the water?
If I take two lots of the same amount of water they should both weigh the same..If I freeze one lot and keep the other lot liquid they should both weigh the same..If I immerse the frozen lot in the liquid lot what happens? That depends upon the shape of the container I use in which I place the frozen water..If I freeze it in a long thin wafer shape container and place it in the liquid in a long thin container it will float on the surface of the liquid..If I freeze it in the shape of a tube and place it in a tube containing the liquid water, which way will the ice lay, upright, or, on its side? Whatever the case, some of the ice will sink beneath the liquid, and some of the ice will float upon that surface of the liquid.

When the ice is spread out upon the liquid, the weight of the ice is spread out and the ice floats upon the surface..
The weight of the ice in the shape of the tube is spread out over a lesser area, so some of the ice sinks beneath the surface.

Why doesn’t the ice sink like a stone? If I take a piece of ice that weighs as much as a stone and place them both in water, the stone will sink, and the ice will float.

Why does the stone sink, and why does the ice float?
The ice floats because there is air (atmis..vapour) in the ice.

How did the air get in the ice?
The air got in the ice because, as water freezes it expands and air fills the spaces of the expanded water.

Expanding Water.
Take two plastic containers of the same shape and size that have lids that just flip off, fill them both with the same amount of water, leave one on the table and place the other one in the freezer.

When you take the frozen water out of the freezer, you will see that the lid has popped open and some of the ice is protuding from the container, that is because, water expands as it freezes. Frozen water takes up more space than liquid water.

Why did the stone sink?
The stone sank because the matter that made up the stone was tightly packed together (more dense), leaving little space for air. Density.

Why is a piece of ice of the same weight as a stone larger than the stone?
Objects that are packed closer together take up less space..
The stone is smaller than the piece of ice because the matter that makes up the stone is tightly packed together, whereas, the water that makes up the piece of ice is spread apart by the air that is trapped within it, causing the piece of ice of the same weight as the stone to be larger than the stone.

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