Meteorology (C) by Noelene Joy Rout 17th November 2012.
And, this is what I think!

 I have noticed in the last week that the temperature is getting colder, and come to think of it, that is what usually happens in this house around about this time of the year.

Now, since I have been taking photographs of the rising and setting Sun, and then studying those photographs to see why my house seems to tilt, backwards, and forwards, throughout the year, and since I worked out that it is because the Earth is travelling in an Annual Elliptical Orbit around Sun.

I am now “absolutely positive” that, the Earth is in fact travelling in an “Elliptical Orbit” around the Sun, and that, the weather is colder now, because, the Earth, which is travelling forwards towards the North Pole, is “now travelling outwards,” and further away from the Sun, because it is travelling in the “circular section” of its Loop around the Sun, somewhere in the region, of where that Red Arrow is pointing. Noelene Joy Rout. 9.34 pm 2012

Picture Free from Google Search.

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