Metamorphic Rock.




Metamorphic rock.

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Metamorphic rock.
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Billions and billions of tonnes of sediments are continually being transported and deposited in layers, in the sea by rivers. Psalm 46:2..Habakkuk 3:9..Job 14:19..Job 28:10..Ecclesiastes 1:7 The oldest and lowest layers are compacted (pressed hard) by the continuous depositing of sediments upon them. The layers of pressed sediments are cemented together and become stone. New rocks are formed from older rocks.

?? tso^r pronounced tsore From 6696; a stone (as if pressed to a point or pressed hard), a knife: – rock, sharp stone, flint.

???? tsu^r pronounced tsoor Primitive root; to cramp, confine (in many applications, literally and figuratively, formative or hostile): – inclose, confine, to bind together, bind (up), to cramp, formative, fashion, cast, fortify, hostile, adversary, assault, beset, lay siege, beseige, distress, put up in bags..To find another tsur..See..Fortify Youngs analyitical Concordance.

Rocks are made of different ingredients. The ingredients from which rocks are made are minerals. It takes millions of years to make rocks.

Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have changed in appearance, structure, and composition. (been changed from one kind of rock to another by high temperatures and hard pressing). There are high temperatures and pressure within the earth. Job 28:5 Metamorphic rocks were once igneous or sedimenatry rocks, but they don’t look like the igneous and sedimentary rocks that they were because their structures and their colours have been changed.

Igneous and sedimentary rocks that are heated, and pressed hard by the waters and layers of rock that are upon them, change into metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rock is also changed into metamorphic rock as magma from a volcano passes through layers of the sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary rocks are formed deep beneath the sea. When a sea becomes dry land, the land rises up and sedimentary rock is exposed. Water, wind, and rain then wear away the sedimentary rock and expose the underlying, metamorphic rock.

Major specimens of metamorphic rocks: Marble, quartzite, serpentine, slate, and schist.

Marble is made-over limestone, it comes from limestone that was changed by heat and hard pressing.
Marble is streaked with colour, marble has many different colours. Marble is used for building, and paving. Esther 1:6 Some people used marble for headstones.

Quartzite is made from the sedimentary rock sandstone. Quartzite is very hard and it was changed from sandstone to quartzite by heat and hard pressing. Some of the colours of quartzite are red, yellow, pink, and brown. Quartzite is used in the making of Radio’s, televisions, watches and glass.

Serpentine is a slippery, mottled with green, coloured stone. It is easily broken, and quickly crumbles away when it is exposed to the weather.

Slate was made by heat and hard pressing from the sedimentary rock shale. Slate can be broken into smooth flat sheets, it can also be split into thin pieces which can then be used as stepping-stones.
Slate is used in the manufacturing of blackboards, floors can be paved with slate.

Schist is made from shale or mudstone that was changed many times. Shale changes to slate before it changes to schist. As schist is forming, some minerals change into mica, and the little bits of mica within the schist make it sparkle and shine. Schist is a coarsely grained crystalline rock which can be split into layers.

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