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The Onager.

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There are several types of onager in Asia among which are the kiangs, kulans, or chigetais. The onager is a member of the horse family, it runs wild (is a wild ass). 6171..6501 Job 39:5 It is found in Asia, where it is now rare, because of its persecution by those who once hunted it for food and sport. The onager is about four foot tall, it has large ears, a tufted tail, a short dark mane, and a dark stripe down its back. It is a lonesome animal, 6171..6166 it is agile, it climbs steep hills, and leaps over objects. It is a patient, and docile animal. 860.. The onager when running, can reach speeds of around 50 kilometres an hour.

When Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon was driven from the sons of men, his mind was made like an animals mind, 3824 and he dwelt with the wild asses (onagers): 6167 where he was fed grass like bullocks (oxen), 8450 and his body got wet with hard rain 1655 and dew from the air; until he knew that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and appointeth over it whomsoever he will. Daniel 5:21 Hard rains fall upon the earth..Rain comes from clouds. Ecclesisastes 11:3..Clouds are made from water, that condenses out of the air. Job 36:27,28 The air gets full of water, that rises up and into the sky. Amos 5:8 Water that rises up and into the air forms clouds. Isaiah 18:4

The onager brays (screams) when the weather is dry, and the grass has shrivelled and died. 3806..5101 Joel 1:20 and when the rains fall, he eats up grass, and stands in the driving rain, his body gets washed, and he gets all wet, so he rolls in the grass on the ground, and he stands in the sun to dry. He drinks from the rivers, where the crocodiles swim, and he flees from marauding lions. And as he sleeps through the night he wakes up at dawn, covered with dew from the sky.

Agile: Active, quick moving, mentally quick, nimble.
Condense: Turn from vapour into liquid.


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