Penguins! Little Penguins!

Penguins! Little Penguins!


The Emperor Penguin.

by Noelene Rout.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 18th August 2007 All rights reserved.

.1. Penguins.
.2. Cold.
.3. Where do Emperor Penguins live.
.4. Keeping warm.
.5. Blubber!
.6. Keeping dry.
.7. Where do penguins come from?
.8. Little penguins have soft feathers.
.9. Laying the egg.
10. Keeping the egg warm.
11. Freezing cold.
12. Mummie’s coming home.
13. Glossary.

Penguins are birds. Penguins are aquatic birds. The Emperor penguin is an aquatic bird.
Emperor penguins live in Antarctica which is at the South Pole. The earth is a circle which is hanging on nothing in space. The South Pole is at the bottom of the earth.

Water changes into ice. Cold weather makes water change into ice. In Antarctica where the Emperors live, there is lots of water, and the weather is very, very, cold, and because it is so cold, lots of water has turned into ice, so, there is lots and lots of ice in Antarctica.

Where do Emperor Penguins live.
Emperor Penguins live and walk with a waddle, and sometimes slide, upon their bellies, on ice.

Keeping warm.
Penguins need to be kept warm. The Emperor Penguins have feathers upon their bodies which help to keep them warm.

Blubber is fat. Emperor penguins are fat. They have a lot of fat under their skin which is called blubber. The Emperor Penguins blubber also helps to keep the penguins warm.

Keeping dry.
There is oil in the feathers of the Emperor Penguin which helps to keep out water so that the Emperors can stay dry, even when they are swimming in the water.

Where do penguins come from?
The female Emperor Penguin lays an egg, and a penguin grows inside of the egg, and the little penguin grows a little tooth on its beak, and when the penguin is big enough to come out of the egg, it starts to peck on the inside of the shell, and it makes a hole in the shell, and the little penguin keeps pecking, and pecking, and the hole gets bigger and bigger, and the shell breaks into pieces, and a little penguin is born.

Little penguins have soft feathers.
Little Emperor Penguins with their little black and white heads, are covered with soft and grey fluffy feathers which are called down. As the little penguins grow older their downy feathers fall off and they get new waterproof feathers like their parents.

Laying the egg.
All of the Emperor Penguins go to the place where they themselves were born, and that is where the female Emperor Penguins lay their eggs. The weather is very, very cold, and the egg needs to be kept warm.

Keeping the egg warm.
When the egg comes out of the female penguins body, the female has to go and find food, and the egg has to be kept warm, so, the female penguin using her beak, pushes the egg onto the fat Male Emperor Penguins feet, and right underneath a large layer of his blubber which is called a brood pouch, and there the egg sits, and is kept warm for about 66 days.

Freezing cold.
All of the male Emperor Penguins now have eggs on their feet, and the weather is getting colder and colder and the sky is getting dark, and the icy cold winds are strong and freezing. The females have gone to fill their bodies with food, but the males have to huddle together in the cold and freezing winds, and use up the food that is in their blubber for weeks and weeks, while the little penguin grows inside of the egg. And the Emperors move about, and they share their places in the huddle just to keep themselves and their eggs warm. Warm penguins from the middle move to the outside, and cold penguins from the outside move into the middle and every penguin gets a chance to get really warm.

Mummie’s coming home.
The little penguin has been born, and it is sitting underneath the blubber on its daddy’s feet, and in the warm and sunny distance mummie’s call, and all of the penguins start to call to one another, and when the female Emperor Penguin reaches her male, the little penguin chick is carefully and quickly moved to it’s mothers feet, and it is hidden beneath her layer of blubber. The mother now keeps her little penguin safe and warm and feeds it food from her beak, while daddy goes off to sea, to catch himself some fish.

Growing in water, living in water, living near water, done in water, done on water.
Blubber is fat.
Brood pouch. A little pouch of blubber above the Emperor Penguins feet.
A circle is round.
Soft fluffy feathers
The round ball of rock in space upon which we live.
Ice is frozen water.
Space is the place where the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are.
Swaying from side to side as you walk.

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