PENGUINS! Fairy Penguins!

Fairy Penguins.

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A little bible study about Little Penguins.

Little Penguins.

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The fairy penguin is a little blue and white penguin that lives and breeds on the coasts of Australia. Fairy penguin’s are also called “Little Penguins” because, weighing about one kilogram they are only about 16 inches (40 centimetres) tall. Little penguins also live and breed on the Coasts of New Zealand. New Zealand’s little penguin has a yellow eye that blends into a yellow band through the eye.

Little penguins are birds, and birds hatch out of eggs.

Birds lay slippery eggs. 4422 Isaiah 34:15..Eggs slip out of birds 4422 Isaiah 34:15 and little birds hatch out of eggs. 4422 Isa 34:15

4422 is a number from a Bible Concordance which is called The New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. The Bible is God’s Holy Word, and the Concordance gives us the meanings of Hebrew words from the Bible in English. Let us have a look at 4422, however, since I use other concordances as well, what I am saying will be worded differently, but, you can download a free concordance, in a Holy Bible from e-sword, whose address is linked above, and then, you can look up 4422 all by yourself.

Let us have a look at a scripture from the book of Isaiah in the Holy Bible which tells us that, birds lay slippery eggs. In this scripture 4422 is the meaning of the Hebrew word lay.

15 There shall the great owl make her nest, and lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow: there shall the vultures also be gathered, every one with her mate. Isaiah 34:15

The red word is the word “lay” in Hebrew writing.
4422 îìè ma^lat?say “more-lat” malat means: to be smooth, to escape (as if by slipperiness); to release, to rescue, to bring forth young, emit sparks: – lay, escape, to let escape, be escape, be escaped, be delivered, be delivered of, leap out, let get away, let go, let alone, deliver, deliver self, hatch, preserve, save, speedily, surely.

Birds make nests and birds lay slippery eggs in their nests, and young birds hatch out of the eggs. Birds come out of eggs.

Early in the morning, groups of little penguins set off to go fishing in the sea for their food, and in the night groups of little penguins come out of the water and waddle across sandy beaches to return to their nests.

Little penguins make nests, the little penguins dig burrows into banks of sand, sometimes they make their nests in places where they can get underneath rocks. When the little penguins build their nests they put leaves and grasses into the nests. The leaves and grasses help to keep the nest where the little penguins sit on their eggs, nice and warm and dry. The little penguins will use the nests every year to lay their eggs.

Little penguins make friends. Little penguins make friends for life. Male and female penguins display, they flap their flippers, and bob their heads and shake, and they preen one another’s feathers. The little penguins mate, and the female lays her eggs in the nest. Little penguins lay their eggs during Australia’s warm months. Little penguins usually lay two eggs. Eggs are white. Look up this number in your e-sword. 1000. Little penguins lay white eggs. Some birds lay different coloured eggs. The little penguins egg is about the same size as the egg you buy at the grocery shop.

Little penguins nestle in rookeries. A rookery is a place where lots of penguins make nests to lay and raise their chicks.

Keeping the egg warm.
Both of the penguins take turns to sit on the eggs and keep them warm. Eggs have to be kept warm so the little chicks that are inside of them can grow. Little penguins have places on their bodies called brood patches. A brood patch is a place on the penguins stomache where feathers are lost and the eggs are kept warm by the blood that is flowing beneath the penguins skin. Penguins have feathers.

Getting out of the egg.
A little penguin chick pecks its way out of its egg about 35 days after the egg was laid. Sometimes it takes a little penguin, who has a little tooth on its beak, a whole day to peck its way out of an egg. Egg teeth eventually fall of the beaks of the chicks. When a little penguin chick is born it weighs about 40 grams and it is covered with soft and dark, fluffy feathers.

Feeding the chicks.
Young chicks are fed from their parents beaks. The parents, who take turns to fish, and sit on the chicks to keep them warm, feed them food from their crops, the crop is a place in a birds throat where it stores food. The food is partly broken down, and the parents bring it back up into their beaks for the chicks to eat. Little penguins are fed fish, prawns and small squid. By the time the chicks are about three weeks old, their sizes and apetites have grown so much that both parents have to go out fishing every day, and the little penguins wait at the entrance of their nests for food to come home in their parents.

Every morning little penguins waddle over sandy beaches and into the sea, where they swim and surf through the waves, and leap up out of the water. They catch their food when diving deep down into the sea, where they are protected from fish beneath them who would like to eat them, by their little white bellies which are hard to see against the brightly illuminated Australian sky. When there is not enough food to go around little penguins starve to death. Rough Australian seas which are caused by stormy weather make it hard for little penguins to fish.

Little penguins use their flippers to drive themselves through water, and they use their little webbed feet to steer and also as brakes.

Returning to the nest.
Little penguins gather together in groups in the shallow waters of the sea around dusk, and waddling out of the water, they watch for danger as they walk in and out of grass and through plants and under rocks and up little tracks to get to their nests. Walking through the sand is hard work, and their nests are far from the water, so little penguins with little legs get tired, and they have to stop for a rest.

Little penguins grow thick waterproof adult feathers, and their soft and fluffy downy feathers begin to fall out between the ages of seven and ten weeks. Waterproof feathers and fat help to keep little penguins dry and warm on the land and in the sea.

Noisy penguins.
Little penguins make lots of noises in their rookeries both morning and night. They grunt and bray and trill and yap, and when they are swimming in the sea, they call to one another by yapping. They also use their little calls at mating time, when threatened by predators, when greeting, or when fighting.

Little Penguin Sounds.
Little penguins off to fish.
Little ten week old penguins abandoned by their parents are driven by hunger to go off to the sea and fish.

Poor little penguin.

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by Noelene Rout

Poor little penguin off to fish

In the big sea with whales and squid

To sharks and seals and other big fish

This little penguin is a tasty dish.

Little penguins fatten themselves up in the sea for about six weeks after abandoning their chicks, they then return to the land for about three weeks, where they lose half off their body weight as their feathers fall out and are replaced during the moult.

Little penguins who reach the age of three make little friends and breed.

The average lifepsan of a little penguin is seven years.

Predators are the animals and birds who hunt little penguins to eat them. Foxes, dog, and snakes, raid the nests of little penguins and they catch and eat little penguins as they waddle to and from their nests.

Oil Slicks.
Little penguins who get covered in oil cannot preen their feathers and they die of starvation and cold.

Little penguins who get tangled in plastic rubbish, fishing lines, or nets, drown or starve to death.

There are seventeen different types of penguins living in the water that is on the south side of the earth.

Bray: A similar sound to the brays of a donkey.

Brood Patch: Bare patch of skin on a penguins belly.

Crop: Pouch for storing food in a birds throat.

Egg Tooth: A little tooth on the beak of a fairy penguin that it uses to break out of its egg.

Incubate: Keeping eggs warm.

Moulting: Losing and renewing of feathers.

Predators: Animals and birds that hunt and eat living things.

Preen: Smoothing out of feathers.

Prey: Food for other hunting animals.

Rookery: The place where groups of fairy penguins breed.

Trill: Warbling in a high pitch.

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