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The Messiah & The Son of God.

The Messiah and the unclean devil.

The Messiah in the Palace of the High Priest. Simon Peter’s Denial of The Messiah.

The Messiah Page 152. Chapter 202. They watched The Messiah die. Did The Messiah really die? Who watched The Messiah die? Black&White.

The Messiah Page 41. Chapter 76-83 The Messiah was “A Prophet.”The Messiah Prophesied.

The Messiah! “Herod & His Men of War!” “Cables of The Sun!” “Sunrise.”

The Messiah! Pontius Pilate, & “The Trial of The Messiah.” The Spraying Sun.

The Messiah! Pontius Pilate, &, “The Trial, of The Messiah!” Antennae & Camera’s, in “A Gigantic Cable of The Sun!”

The Messiah. Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him? [Part 7 in a few pages. Page 5.]

The Messiah. Page 1. Introduction.

The Messiah. Page 83. Who captured and delivered The Messiah to Pilate? Page 2. Antennae & Camera’s at “The Back Door!”

The Messiah. Chapter 180 The assault of The Messiah by the hands of Pilate &.. Cables of The Sun at Sunrise! “AUSTRALIA!”

The Messiah. Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles etc, … Gigantic Cable of the Sun! “Bondi. Sydney. NSW. Australia.”

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 1. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 2. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 3. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 4. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 5. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 6. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 180. Page 7. How did The Messiah, Son of, the Supreme in authority,

The Messiah. Chapter 185. Pontius Pilate & The Trial of The Messiah. Sunrise. Gigantic Cable of the Gigantic Sun.

The Messiah. Chapter 219. The Messiah had a cup of sufferings to drink.

The Messiah. Chapters 146 – 148 “The House of Caiaphas.” “Earth hanging on nothing in space!”

The Messiah. Chapters 174 &175. The Messiah Prophesied that he would be mocked.

The Messiah. Chapters 181 to 184. The Messiah prophesied that he would be scourged. The Roman flagellum chewed into the flesh of the Messiah.

The Messiah. Crucify Him! Chapter 187. Page 123.

The Messiah. Page 1. The Messiah, & Only Begotten, Son, of the Most High God.”

The Messiah. Page 10. Travels of YEHôSHûA‛.

The Messiah. Page 100. Chapter 180 How did The Messiah, say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him?

The Messiah. Page 103. Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him? [Part 7 in a few pages. Page 3.]

The Messiah. Page 11. Many people heard God who was in heaven speaking to Yehôshûa‛ Yehôshûa‛ who was on the earth.

The Messiah. Page 12. The Messiah was the Son of God Almighty, the Supreme (God), [([(יהוה Yehôvâh)])].

The Messiah. Page 12. The Messiah, was the Son of The LORD God Almighty.

The Messiah. Page 120. Pontius Pilate & The Trial of The Messiah. Page 12

The Messiah. Page 125. Chapter 189. The Messiah was stripped.

The Messiah. Page 13. The Messiah, a God, was born in Bethlehem, The city of David.

The Messiah. Page 136. Chapter 196 The Messiah was reviled.

The Messiah. Page 14. The Messiah was The King of Israel.

The Messiah. Page 140. Chapter 197. There was darkness all over the land. The sun was darkened. The Sun Shrinks & Expands in Size.

The Messiah. Page 149. Chapter 200. From the arrival of The Messiah at Golgotha to his death.

The Messiah. Page 15. The Devil.

The Messiah. Page 150. Chapter 201. What happened to The Messiah’s power, why couldn’t he save himself?

The Messiah. Page 155. Chapter 205. Who killed The Messiah? Who wanted to kill the Messiah?

The Messiah. Page 157. Chapter 210. Did The Messiah Die?

The Messiah. Page 158. Dead people got up out of their graves after the Messiah died and was raised from the dead.

The Messiah. Page 159. 212. The Messiah’s dead body was assaulted.

The Messiah. Page 16. The Messiah was tempted by the devil.

The Messiah. Page 160. 213. Joseph of Arimathaea.

The Messiah. Page 161. Chapter 214. Nicodemus.

The Messiah. Page 162b 215. The Burial of The Messiah.

The Messiah. Page 163. The burial of The Messiah. Page 2

The Messiah. Page 164b The burial of The Messiah.

The Messiah. Page 166 Mary Magdalene. IMPOTENCE!

The Messiah. Page 168. Chapter 219. The Messiah had a cup to drink.

The Messiah. Page 17. How did the Elders, the Chief Priests, etc, etc, treat The Messiah?

The Messiah. Page 18. Chapter 38. How did the Elders, the Chief Priests, etc, etc, treat The Messiah. Continued…

The Messiah. Page 18. How did … the lawyers, and the chief of the people, treat The Messiah?

The Messiah. Page 19. How did the Elders, the Chief Priests, the Scribes, the Pharisees, the Herodians, and the Saducees,

The Messiah. Page 20. The Messiah cast devils out of people.

The Messiah. Page 21. The demon possessed Girl, Boy, Woman, Dumb Man.

The Messiah. Page 22. Bartimaeus. The two blind men. The blind beggar.

The Messiah. Page 23. The Messiah healed crippled… The Messiah gave hearing to deaf … The Messiah gave speech to dumb… The man with the withered hand.

The Messiah. Page 24. The Messiah healed people that were sick. The centurian and his servant. The lunatic child. Devils knew the Messiah!

The Messiah. Page 25. The Leper. The woman with the issue of blood. The man with dropsy.

The Messiah. Page 26. The two disciples of John Baptist.

The Messiah. Page 26. The woman with the issue of blood. The Leper. The man with dropsy.

The Messiah. Page 27 The calling of the twelve disciples.

The Messiah. Page 28 GALILEE & SYRIA.

The Messiah. Page 29 The Messiah recovered the sight of the blind.

The Messiah. Page 3. INDEX! “This Book is being amended!”

The Messiah. Page 30 The Messiah raised people from the dead! Who saw The Messiah raise people from the dead?

The Messiah. Page 31. Lazarus, of Bethany. DEATH..SMELL..STINK..ROT..DECAY..DECOMPOSITION.

The Messiah. Page 32. The Messiah turned water into wine.The Messiah fed four thousand men, beside women and children on seven loaves of bread and a few small fishes.

The Messiah. Page 33. The Messiah fed four thousand men, beside women and children on seven loaves of bread and a few small fishes.

The Messiah. Page 34. How was [([(יהוה Yehôvâh)])], in the Messiah, and The Messiah in him?

The Messiah. Page 35. Chapters 67 & 68 The Messiah walked on water. The Messiah calmed the wind and the sea (a hurricane). The Sun Spraying.

The Messiah. Page 36. Chapters 69, 70, 71. The Messiah calmed the wind & the sea, & a hurricane. The Messiah was a famous man. The poor widow.

The Messiah. Page 37. Where was The Messiah famous? And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes, which is over against Galilee.

The Messiah. Page 38. Chapter 72. The Transfiguration. Elijah & Moses appeared to The Messiah, Peter, James, & John.

The Messiah. Page 39. Chapters 73-76 The Messiah told Peter there would be money in the mouth of a fish in the sea.

The Messiah. Page 4. John Baptist.

The Messiah. Page 40. Where was The Messiah famous?

The Messiah. Page 42. Chapter 84-99 The Messiah was a Prophet who prophesied. Antennae & Camera’s in Cable of The Sun.

The Messiah. Page 43. Chapter 100 – 103 The Messiah A Prophet prophesied of the end of the world.

The Messiah. Page 44. The Messiah A Prophet prophesied of the end of the world. Continued.

The Messiah. Page 45. The Messiah prophesied of the end of the world. The end of the world.

The Messiah. Page 46. Chapter 104 The Messiah prophesied that he would return to the earth again.

The Messiah. Page 47. Chapters 105, 106 The Son of God called for witnesses & was STRUCK in the face!

The Messiah. Page 48. Chapters 105 – 110 The Messiah prophesied that the earth would pass away.

The Messiah. Page 49. Chapter 110 The Messiah prophesied that he was going to suffer (die)!

The Messiah. Page 5. The Baptism of Yehôshûa‛ Yehôshûa‛

The Messiah. Page 53. Chapter 119 The Messiah prophesied that he was going to rise from the dead. Antennae & Camera’s in Cable of The Sun.

The Messiah. Page 56. Chapter’s 125-128. The Messiah knew who was going to betray him. To whom did Judas Iscariot betray The Messiah?

The Messiah. Page 58. Sheol. Hell. Hades.

The Messiah. Page 6. The Messiah came from God! The Sun Spraying! Massive Cables of The Sun!

The Messiah. Page 60. The Betrayal.

The Messiah. Page 61. The Betrayal.

The Messiah. Page 62. Chapter 134. Simon Peter cut off a servant of the high priests ear.

The Messiah. Page 63. 135. The Jews wanted The Messiah dead! The Messiah was The Son of The Supreme Divinity!

The Messiah. Page 64. Chapters 136 – 140 Why did the Jews want The Messiah dead?

The Messiah. Page 65. Chaper 141, 142. The Messiah prophesied that he was going to be put to death at Jerusalem.The Messiah knew that he was going to die (everything that was going to happen to him).

The Messiah. Page 7. What was The Messiah like?

The Messiah. Page 72. Chapter 150,151,152?153. The high priest had witnesses. When The Messiah asked for witnesses he was struck in the face.

The Messiah. Page 74. Chapter 155. The Messiah was charged with Blasphemy. Cables of The Gigantic Sun!

The Messiah. Page 75. Chapter 156. Should The Messiah, the Son of, God Almighty, have been charged with, blasphemy?

The Messiah. Page 76. Chapter 157. The Messiah was imprisoned.

The Messiah. Page 78. Chapters161 – 164 Two days before the passover, the chief priests, …plan to take The Messiah and kill him.

The Messiah. Page 79. Chapter 165 & 166 The chief priests and the scribes had already decided to deliver The Messiah to the power and authority of Pontius Pilate.

The Messiah. Page 8. Chapter 14. What did The Messiah think about?

The Messiah. Page 80. The deliverance of The Messiah to Pontius Pilate the Governor.

The Messiah. Page 81. Chapters 169, 170,171 Why did the chief priests and the scribes deliver The Messiah to Pontius Pilate?

The Messiah. Page 82. Chapter 172. Who captured and delivered The Messiah to Pilate? A Bible Study.

The Messiah. Page 89. Chapters 176 -178 The Messiah prophesied that he would be spat upon.

The Messiah. Page 9. The Messiah was a healthy man.

The Messiah. Page 90. Chapter 179. The Messiah was bashed (assaulted.) The Messiah in the palace of the high priest.

The Messiah. Page 92 The assault of The Messiah in the hands of Pilate and his Soldiers.

The Messiah. Page 95 Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him? [Part 1]

The Messiah. Page 96 Chapter 180 How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him?

The Messiah. Page 98. Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him? Part 4.

The Messiah. Page 99. Chapter 180. How did The Messiah say the Gentiles (Romans) were going to treat him?

The Messiah. Pontius Pilate & The Trial of The Messiah! [Page 11 Page 119] .. The Sun!

The Messiah. Pontius Pilate & The Trial of The Messiah. Page 1 of the combined! [Page 109]

The Messiah.. Page 97 Chapter 180 How did the Messiah say the Gentiles were going to treat him? [Part 3]

The Messiah.. was a prophet. The Messiah prophesied. Page 13a

The Messiah… Page 121 What did The Messiah really say about Caesar?

The Messiah… Page 137

The Messiah… Page 13b The Messiah was The King of Israel.

The Messiah… Page 144 (extra!) Crucify him & release unto us Barabbas. Page 1

The Messiah… Page 154. Chapter 204. What happened when The Messiah died?

The Messiah… Page 167. 219. Yehoshua, the anointed one, had a cup of suffering to drink, for ..

The Messiah… Page 54. Chapter 120. The Messiah prophesied that he was going to rise from the dead on the third day.

The Messiah… Page 67. The last supper (passover).

The Messiah… Crucify Him! Page 123

The Messiah… Messiah. The home of

The Messiah… Page 101. How did YEHôSHûA‛ the Messiah say the Gentiles

The Messiah… Page 102. How did YEHôSHûA‛ the Messiah say the Gentiles were going to treat him?

The Messiah… Page 111

The Messiah… Page 112

The Messiah… Page 113

The Messiah… Page 114

The Messiah… Page 115

The Messiah… Page 116

The Messiah… Page 117

The Messiah… Page 118

The Messiah… Page 122. Chapter 186 What did The Messiah really say about Caesar?

The Messiah… Page 124

The Messiah… Page 126

The Messiah… Page 127

The Messiah… Page 128

The Messiah… Page 129

The Messiah… Page 130

The Messiah… Page 131

The Messiah… Page 132

The Messiah… Page 133

The Messiah… Page 134. 196. The Messiah was reviled.

The Messiah… Page 135

The Messiah… Page 137

The Messiah… Page 138

The Messiah… Page 139

The Messiah… Page 141 Astronomy. Extraterrestials! Chapter 198. When The Messiah was thirsty they gave him vinegar to drink. Page 1

The Messiah… Page 142. Chapter 198. When The Messiah was thirsty they gave him vinegar to drink. Page 2

The Messiah… Page 143. Chapter 198. When The Messiah was thirsty they gave him vinegar to drink. Page 3

The Messiah… Page 144. Chapter 198. When The Messiah was thirsty they gave him vinegar to drink. Page 4

The Messiah… Page 145 Crucify him & release unto us Barabbas. Page 2

The Messiah… Page 146 Crucify him & release unto us Barabbas. Page 3

The Messiah… Page 147. Crucify him & release unto us Barabbas. Condensed.

The Messiah… Page 149. Chapter 200. 199. The Passover. The Sacrificial Lamb. The Messiah the Lamb of God.

The Messiah… Page 151

The Messiah… Page 152. Chapter 202. They watched The Messiah die.

The Messiah… Page 153. Chapter 203. The death of The Messiah. Did The Messiah really die!

The Messiah… Page 156. Chapter 206. Physics & Earth Science. There was an earthquake when The Messiah died.

The Messiah… Page 162

The Messiah… Page 163b

The Messiah… Page 164

The Messiah… Page 165 The Keepers of The Messiah’s sepulchre.

The Messiah… Page 167 (b)

The Messiah… Page 50 39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh

The Messiah… Page 50. 38 Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying,

The Messiah… Page 51 Chapter 111. The death of “The Messiah” was prophesied in the Old Testament.

The Messiah… Page 52. Chapter 112. The Messiah prophesied that he was going to die at Jerusalem.

The Messiah… Page 55.

The Messiah… Page 57. Chapter 129. Judas Iscariot betrayed The Messiah for thirty pieces of silver.

The Messiah… Page 59. Chapter 133. The Betrayal.

The Messiah… Page 66. Chapter 143. The last supper (passover).

The Messiah… Page 68. Chapter 144 What did The Messiah say to his disciples after Judas had left ..

The Messiah… Page 69. Chapter’s 145-147 Caiaphas. The House of Caiaphas. What did the Messiah really say about the temple?

The Messiah… Page 71. Chapter 149. Caiaphas and the Jewish leaders condemned The Messiah to death before his trial with Pilate.

The Messiah… Page 73. Chapter 153,154 The Messiah the Son of God was savagely (assaulted) bashed and beaten, …

The Messiah… Page 77

The Messiah… Page 84. Chapter 173. The Two Thieves.

The Messiah… Page 86

The Messiah… Page 89. . Chapter 176 -178 The Messiah prophesied that he would be spat upon.

The Messiah… Page 94 … This is a study of the word “prostrate” and it’s biblical meanings, I did this study ..
The Messiah… Page 94. This is a study of the word “prostrate” and it’s biblical meanings,




Alleluia. I AM THAT I AM. The Word of God.

Alleluia. I AM. Anointed Messiah.

Alleluia. (C)NjRout7.24pm7thMarch2014


Rev 19:1

And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God:


Voices 1. Slow spread out. ==> “unto the Lord our God.” Sung Quickly.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, unto the Lord our God:

Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] Alle-lu-ia.


Voices 2 with Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] Alle-lu-ia.

Voices 2 with Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, unto the Lord our God:


Voices 3 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Alleluia Sung Quickly.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Voices 3 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Alleluia Sung Quick.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Allelu, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] A-lle-lu- ia.


Voices 4 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Sung spread out.

Al-le-luia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power,

Voices 4 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Sung spread out.

Al-le-luia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power,


Voices 5 with Voices 1 & Voices 2 & Voices 4. Sung spread out.

Alle- lu- ia,  Alle-lu-ia, Alle- lu- ia,  [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia]  Alle-lu-ia,
Alle- lu- ia, Alle-lu-ia, Alle- lu- ia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia]  Alle-lu-ia!





In the be-gi-nning was the Word, and the Word was with I A-M,

In the be-gi-nning was the Word, and the Word was I-I AM.

He came down from hea-ven, he came down from I AM THAT I A-AM,

He came from his Father, he came down. from I AM THAT I AM,


Psa 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


Antennae coming down.


Antennae&CameracontainingCablesovertheACT.7.(C)NjRout27thNov2013.PNG 016

In the be-gi-nning was the Word, and the Word was with I A-M,

In the be-gi-nning was the Word, and the Word was I-I AM.


He came down from hea-ven, he came down from I AM THAT I A-AM,

He came from his Father, he came down. from I AM THAT I AM,


A-nointed MESSIAH / A-nointed Be-gotten Son of I AM

A-nointed MESSIAH / A-nointed Be-gotten Son of God!


E-mmanuel The Word of God / Sent down from Heaven from I A-Am

A-nointed MESSIAH / A-nointed Begotten Son of God!


Voices 1. Slow spread out. ==> “unto the Lord our God.” Sung Quickly.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, unto the Lord our God:

Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] Alle-lu-ia.


Voices 2 with Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] Alle-lu-ia.

Voices 2 with Voices 1. Slow spread out.

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, unto the Lord our God:


Voices 3 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Alleluia Sung Quickly.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Voices 3 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Alleluia Sung Quick.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Allelu, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] A-lle-lu- ia.


Voices 4 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Sung spread out.

Al-le-luia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power,
Voices 4 with Voices 1 & Voices 2. Sung spread out.

Al-le-luia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power,

Voices 5 with Voices 1 & Voices 2 & Voices 4. Sung spread out.


Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, unto the Lord our God:

Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, Al-le-luia, [i.e. phonetic. Ar lay lu ia] Alle-lu-ia.


Antennae coming down.

Antennae&CameracontainingCablesovertheACT.7.(C)NjRout27thNov2013.PNG 016

Antennae coming down.

Massive Cables of the Gigantic Sun.

SunCableCloud(C)NjRout4.12pm27thNov2013 016 Antennae&CameracontainingCablesovermyrooftoday. 016

The Movie.
Bible&StrongsConcordance. (C) NjRout21stMay2014.Small


Alleluia. (C) NjRout7.24pm7thMarch2014

The Music!


Words Copyright (C) by Noelene Joy Rout 11th March 2014

Anointed MESSIAH!
Words Copyright (C) by Noelene Joy Rout 1.23am 11th March 2014



Prayers NEEDED Prayers.PaintBrush.


Prayers NEEDED!


Please ask The LORD God Almighty, in and through, the name of his only begotten Son, The Word of God, KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, to forgive Chastity, and others like her, for every sin that they have ever committed, are committing, and ever commit, and please “totally heal them” and please “TOTALLY, and PERMANENTLY, deliver them, from the devil’s.” Noelene Joy Rout 11.34pm 22nd August 2015


And please ask The LORD God Almighty in and through, the name of his only begotten Son, The Word of God, KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, to Have mercy upon, and save the souls of, Bree & Jeremiah, and his brothers, and sisters, and their father, and their grandfather, and the others, and David & Nanny & Amy, and theirs.


Prayers NEEDED!

The Prayer!



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    However, Edinburgh's most famous bespectacled twins – Craig and Charlie Reid – claim that when he growls his way through their song Oh Jean, it sums up everything that is right about the new musical film Sunshine on Leith.

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    The argument both ways — between producers seeking imports and manufacturers and other large consumers trying to prevent them — if easily understood on the basis of pure self-interest. Not to put that down too much because self-interest is the essence of a free-market economy. But the point is that if the US government is going to violate free market principles to benefit the manufacturers, there must be an explicit policy trade-off. Not a vague promise, but a concrete guarantee that manufacturers will not be merely using promises of “jobs” as a bait for politicians. But rather concrete assurance that cost savings will result in jobs. We can’t just be taken for suckers on this, and this opinion piece reads like sucker candy, bought and paid for by the manufacturing interests. BTW, the balance of trade benefits of gas exports would be no small thing for the country as a whole.

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    Modification can help you keep up with your normal workout routine. For instance, sit-ups can be done on the side instead of on the back. There’s even a website dedicated to WODs — or workouts of the day — created specifically for CrossFit moms.

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    Below are the 10 most expensive private business schools, based on tuition and required fees for the 2012-2013 school year. Room and board, books and other miscellaneous costs are not included in these figures. Unranked schools, which did not meet certain criteria required by U.S. News to be numerically ranked, were not considered for this report.

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    The vote is scheduled for the last day of a three-day gathering called “Making it Happen,” where Republicans are discussing ways to use technology and other means to connect with a wider range of voters, following Mitt Romney’s failure to unseat incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama in November.

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    In sign of investor skepticism, BlackBerry’s stock hastraded well below Fairfax’s $9 offer price since the bid wasannounced it last month, days after BlackBerry warned it wouldreport slumping sales, a big loss and job cuts.

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    Introduced in 1995, it offers customers one point for every £1 spent in store. Every point earned equates to 1p worth of vouchers, so 500 points will be exchanged for a £5 voucher. You can use this either to get money off your next Tesco shop or – possibly more profitably – in one of Tesco’s participating restaurants, pubs or attractions. At Ask, for example, you can exchange your £5 voucher for £20 worth of Ask vouchers, effectively taking £20 off your bill.

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    The tight end would provide sure-handed experience to a Patriot receiving core that lacks it, particularly with Danny Amendola consistently injured. Gronkowski is one of the most difficult players in the league to cover due to his size and athleticism.

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