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Water Vapour.
Clouds of Vapour.
The Water Cycle.
Hosea 6:4
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4 O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee? O Judah, what shall I do unto thee? for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away. Hos 6:4

as a [boqer..dawn, early, morning, day, morrow] morning [anan..cloud, a cloud, nimbus cloud, thunder cloud, bring a [cloud], cloud (as covering the sky), to cloud over, cloudiness, cloudy, thick, observe times, observer of times,
practice magic, enchanter, sorceres, soothsayer] cloud, and as the [shakam..to incline, incline the shoulder to a burden, to load up, load up on the back of a beast, load up on the back of a man, to rise, rise early, arise, arise early, rise up, rise up early, rising up early, rising early, get up, get oneself up, get up early, get self up early, be up, be up early, be risen early, betimes, rise up betimes, rising up betimes, to go early, to start early in the morning, early, morning] early [tal..as covering vegetation, dew] dew it [halak..get greater, grow, more and more, wax, prosper, all, lead, follow, be eased, be weak, enter, depart, go, go up, go out, go on, on, go on still, go along, go forward, go about, go abroad, go away, go up and down, cause to go, walk, to walk, walk on, walk along, walk abroad, walk to places, places to walk, walk to and fro, walk up and down, come, come on, be gone, be gone up, need be gone, run, run along, move, move self, pass, pass away, spread, whirl, still, along, unto, apace, translated along apace, march, speedily, forth, forward, take journey, wander, travel, traveller, wayfaring man, exercise, exercise
self, behave, behave self, needs, need be gone, send, be brought again, be wont to haunt, be at the point, contin-ually, custom, quite, surely, work, talebearer, be con-versant] goeth away.

As a dawn (early morning) cloud, and as the early rising dew that covers the ground is caused to go, it goes up, and it enters, and it grows more and more, and it goes on, and it goes along, and it goes forward, and it goes about, and it goes abroad, and it goes away, and it walks to and fro, and it marches, and it moves speedily, and it whirls, and it spreads, and it stands still, and it is translated along,
and it travels, and it wanders, and it is gone, and it needs to be gone, and it goes up and down, and it is sent,
and it is continually, brought again.

Dew covers the ground..Early in the morning the heat of the sun causes clouds of vapour to rise up from the earth..
Early in the morning the heat of the sun causes tiny drops of water to rise up from the earth, and enter into the air..Dew rises up from the earth and enters into the air and forms clouds of vapour..Clouds of vapour grow..Vapour expands..Clouds grow.

In the atmosphere: Water vapour goes on..Water vapour goes along..Water vapour goes forward..Water vapour goes about..
Water vapour goes abroad..Water vapour goes away..Water vapour walks to and fro..Water vapour marches..Water vapour moves..Water vapour moves speedily..Water vapour whirls..
Water vapour spreads..Water vapour stands still..Water vapour is translated along..Water vapour travels..Water vapour wanders..Water vapour is gone..The air can be moist, and the air can be dry..Water vapour needs to be gone..
Water needs to go up into the air in order for the water to be purified and returned again to the earth..Water vapour goes up and down in the air..Water goes up and down from
the earth..Water is sent..The heat of the sun and lack of the suns heat causes water to be sent to the earth..Water is continually going up and down from the earth.

A cloud is a gathering together of myriads, of very small drops of water that have condensed around particles of dust, and which are, flying, Isa 60:8 (balancing..Job 37:16) in the air (atmosphere).

Very early in the morning the heat of the sun warms the earth and causes dew (clouds, myriads of very small drops of water) to rise up from the earth and enter into the air.
Dew point: The temperature at which dew condenses out of the air.

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