Joseph of Arimathaea. by Noelene Joy Rout.

Joseph of Arimathaea by Noelene Joy Rout.

Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 24th November 2004

All Rights Reserved.

And now when the evening arrived, because it was the day of [paraskeue..making ready] making ready for the sabbath, a rich man came from a Jewish city, called Arimathaea, and his name was Joseph: Joseph was an honourable counsellor, he was a good man, and he was just: and he was also waiting for the kingdom of God to come. Joseph was also a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Joseph had not voted with the Jewish counsel to charge Jesus Christ with blasphemy and put him to death.

Joseph came, and courageously went in to Pilate, and asked if he could take the dead body of Jesus Christ away.

And Pilate [thaumazo] wondered if Jesus Christ was dead yet: so he called the [kenturion] centurian, a man who was a leader of one hundred soldiers, and he asked him [palai..long ago, anciently, of old, in time past, formerly] if Jesus Christ had died in the time that had past. The last time Pilate saw Jesus Christ alive was round about the time when he, Pilate, had nailed his accusation to the cross.

And when the [kenturion] centurian told Pilate that Jesus Christ was dead, Pilate gave Joseph permission to take the body.

So Joseph and Nicodemus, came and took the dead body of Jesus Christ down.

Joseph had bought fine linen, and Nicodemus had brought about one hundred pounds of myrrh and aloes.

And when Joseph and Nicodemus had taken the dead body of Jesus Christ down from the cross, they wrapped it with the spices in clean linen clothes, in the [, habit, custom, manner] custom of the Jewish laws of burial.

And they laid the dead body of Jesus Christ in Joseph’s own new sepulchre, that he had hewn out of stone, where no one had ever been buried, and the sepulchre was in a garden near (Calvary, the place of the skull) Golgotha, the place where Jesus Christ had been crucifed.

And the women who had followed Jesus Christ from Galilee saw the sepulchre, and they saw how the body of Jesus was laid.

And that was the day of making ready for the sabbath, and the sabbath day was drawing near.

And Joseph rolled a [megas] great stone across the doorway of the sepulchre, and then he left.

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