Snowflakes. “A Bible First!”
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12.02 pm 28th July 2012

Jehovah is the LORD.
Proverbs 3:6

Snow & Snowflakes.
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Snow is hidden in ice. Job 6:16

Snow is water. Job 9:30 So, water is hidden in ice. Job 6:16

Ice is frozen water. Job 38:30 So, snow that is hidden in ice, is frozen water, and snow is also ice.

Snow is piercing cold, so, frozen water is piercing cold water.

When water [G5594 waxes cold] is piercing cold [H7119 H7135 H5592 H5593 chilled, cooled] the water freezes, and becomes [hard **] ice. Job 38:30

[Liquid water becomes ice. Liquid water become ice when it is chilled.]

Snow is (H2442 “Piercing” to adhere to. H2707 to carve, carved work, delineate, intrenched, set a print, portrayed. Delineate. H8388 be drawn, mark out. H7416 of H7417 of H8388 “Dilineate” an artificial ornament.) piercing cold (prickly) pointed white (shield) buckler. Proverbs 25:13 [See: Cold H6793 H7950]

Snow is scaly. Scales of snow are Snowflakes. See: Leprosy. G3014 G3013 & Leper G3015. See. Buckler. H4043 i.e. Snow is leprous. Exodus 14:6

H1384 of H1385 curdled. Water (to be contracted) contracts.
H1378 To freeze, crystal. Ice is frozen.

Water i.e. “The depths.” Ex 15:8 (Youngs. Ex 15:8 hardened, to be “congealed” = hardens. Qapha: be congealed, Partic: that are settled. Hiph: curdle.) freezes. H7087

Water (Job 38:30 H8415 “The deep.”) freezes. Job 38:30 i.e. Water (lakad. “to (capture) catch in a net” “sticks together” “cohere” “be holden” “be frozen” ) freezes. Job 38:30 H3920 “Frozen.”

Water crystallizes and becomes ice. G2929
Crystal is transparent. H2137
Crystal is translucent, is be clear. H2135 of H2137

Intrenched. Spiders webs have trenches. H6980
They hatch cockatrice’ eggs, and weave the spider’s [H6980 ] web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.

While this, is “A Small” Bible Study, it took me “Years & Years” to find, “A Snowflake” in the pages of, “The Holy Bible.”

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