Lightning is Coloured.


Science. Copyright (C) by Noelene Joy Rout 23rd August 2012

I am going to write, off the cuff here, with thoughts about a “Biblical Word” and its description, to reach a conclusion.

Lightning is hot, Lightning is fire, Fire is hot, so, Lightning is hot, And fire is hot.

Lightning is light, So light is lightning, and light is hot.

Lightning travels rapidly, so light travels rapidly, However lightning travels faster than light.

Light can be parted, so, lightning can be parted.

Light is made of colours, so lightning is made of colours.

Lightning is electricity, so light is electricity.

If lightning is hot, and lightning is electricity, then electricity is hot.

Lightining is fire, so, if electricity is lightning then electricity is fire.

 If lightning is light, and lightning is fire, then light is fire.

The sun is a light, the Sun is a (consuming) fire, and fire is hot, so, if the sun is a (consuming) fire, and fire is hot, then, the sun is hot.

Light comes from fire, so if the sun is fire, then, light comes from the Sun.

Batteries (which can be used to produce light) are recharged with electricity.

Solar Batteries are recharged by the Sun.

Electricity in the form of Light Rays charge Solar Batteries.

The rays of the Sun contain electricity.

The Sun is producing electricity.

Dynamo’s produce electricity, so, the Sun is a “Dynamo in Space”. Well, that is how I reached that conclusion. Noelene.

Noelene Joy Rout

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