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H4546 Judges 5:20 Stars travel (H5549 to mound up) turnpiked (courses) thoroughfares, staircases, terraces in space. It is possible that “Dark (Matter) Energy” within space, mounds up, and stars grip the “Dark (Matter) Energy” as they travel through space, burn it and re- charge it and then leave it behind in mounds! (C) Noelene Joy Rout 6th March 2012Stars travel. Stars travel in space. Stars travel to mound up. Stars travel “up,” in space! Stars travel “up,” mounds. in space! Stars travel turnpiked (courses) in space. Stars travel thoroughfares in space. Stars travel staircases in space. Stars travel terraces in space.

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  1. Any chance you will write more about this? Your ideas should be accepted without question…however..I can think of a few points that support this. I hope so- thanks for reading.|

  2. !This could be a slight bit inaccurate. Could you clear up some misconceptions for me please? 🙂

  3. Love watching Crime movies 1

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