The Messiah. Page 140. Chapter 197. There was darkness all over the land. The sun was darkened. The Sun Shrinks & Expands in Size.




Any errors within any of my Bible Studies are definitely not intentional.


Yehôshûa‛ Yehôshûa‛ said that he was The Messiah. John 4:25,26

Yehôshûa‛ Yehôshûa‛ [G5547 anointed, that’s, the Messiah,] The Messiah

[YEHôSHûA‛ YEHôSHûA‛ anointed, the Messiah] [G2424 H3091]


This book is being amended by Noelene Joy Rout 2015


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The Sun Shrinks & Expands in Size.

SunwithCables.10.(C)NjRout4.37pm12thJan2014 014.TheSunShrinks&ExpandsinSize.


SunwithCables.10.(C)NjRout4.37pm12thJan2014 014.TheSunShrinks&ExpandsinSize..

Sun Shrinks & Expands in size.

SunShrinks&Expands.SunMarch.(3)(C)NjRout11.32amd3rdMarch2014 012

SunShrinks&Expands.SunMarch.(3)(C)NjRout11.32amd3rdMarch2014 012


Sun Shrinks & Expands in size

SunMarch.(3)(C)NjRout11.32am3rdMarch2014 012 SunExpands&Shrinks.CloudEater.SunSpraying.

The Movie.


The Misty Sun in Space.





The Misty Sun in Space.

sunmorn510(C)NjRout1.55pm17thAug2013 022 MistySuninSpace

The Movie.


The Sun.

SunSunSun.2.(C)NjRout5.16pm30thJune2013 036 TheRaysoftheSun.


SunSunSun.2.(C)NjRout5.16pm30thJune2013 036 TheRaysoftheSun..

The LORD God Almighty [Gen 17:1 H3068 [([(יהוה yehôvâh yeh-ho-vaw’)])] YEHOVAH’S Gigantic Sun.The Sun. SpikySun&Bird.(C)NJRout.30thJune2013



The Sun.



The Sun.


The Movie.


197. There was darkness all over the land.
The sun was darkened.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 28th April 2004
All Rights Reserved. Amended 21st November 2011

Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour. Matt 27:45

33 And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. Mk 15:33

44 And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.
45 And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst. Lke 23:44,45


There was darkness all over the land.
The sun was darkened.
Matthew Mark and Luke combined.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 16th November 2004
All Rights Reserved. Amended 21st November 2011


Now from the sixth hour there [G1096 γίνομαι ginomai ghin’-om-ahee Chief verb middle form and lengthened; (reflexively) to become (come into being), to cause to be (“gen” -erate), (literally, figuratively, intensively, etc.): – use, seem, draw, grow, wax, soon as it was, arise be assembled, partake, be taken, be married, be published, be made, be (come, -fall, -have self), (be) come (to pass), be brought (to pass), fall, follow, have, happen, require, will, would, be (ordained [to be], kept, wrought, showed, turned, found, continue, performed, done, divided, pass, ended, finished, fulfilled), sound, God forbid. ([There was a Solar Eclipse? eg: (Be married: The wedding ring was seen in the outline of the Sun behind the moon!) The moon (was married to) moved in front of the sun!)] was [G4655 σκότος skotos skot’-os From base of G4639; shadiness, obscurity (figuratively or literally ): – darkness. G4639 σκία skia skee’-ah Chief word; “shade,” a shadow (literally or figuratively [darkness of error or an adumbration] Adumbrate: (a faint, give) indication of, (represent in) outline, foreshadow, overshadow. [(represent in) outline: eg: The wedding ring was seen behind the moon as it covered the the face of the sun.]): – a shade, shadow. (There was a Solar Eclipse of the Sun?)] darkness over [G3956 πᾶς pas pas Including all the forms of declension; apparently a chief word; any, every, all, the whole: – no (-thing), every (way), any (one), whosoever, whatsoever, as many as, every (one), throughly, whole, daily, all (manner of, means) alway (-s), ever.] all the [G1093 γῆ gē ghay Contracted from a chief word; soil; a region, or the solid part, the whole of the terrene globe (including earth’s occupants in both applications): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world. (Globe! The earth is [was] (round) a sphere.)] land [G2193 until. etc. Work for Astronomers! The Solar Eclipse took place over a 3 hour period!] unto the ninth [G5610 ὥρα hōra ho’-rah Apparently a chief word; an “hour” (literally or figuratively): – instant, short, hour, day, (high) time, [even-] tide, season. ] hour. Matt 27:45

The moon (??) was once a blazing (light) fire in the sky, which along with the Sun warmed the earth, and moved water from the earth to the atmosphere during the water cycle, there was always light upon the face of the earth, and rainfalls were frequent, but the (light of the moon) fiery moon slowly began to burn out, and rays of light from the moon no longer reached the earth, and while there were still volcanic eruptions upon the surface of the moon, the temperature (climate) of the earth slowly began to lower, and many changes occurred which caused, more dry land to appear as rainfall was reduced, and ice built up at the poles, some plants became extinct, and dinosaurs, died out, Noelene Joy Rout.

Signs of ancient volcanic activity on the surface of the moon are seen, in it’s vast craters, and plains.
There may have been A Solar Eclipse while the Son of God was on the Instrument of Capital Punishment, however, since writing this page, and as a result of studying the Sun, with movies and pictures, I have found that, the “Shrinking and Expanding in size of The Sun” [which is a light! Gen 1:14-18] is being controlled, and probably by, The Royal Majesty, The Almighty Supreme God,  Maker of the Sun, Possessor and Creator of heaven and Earth, The Great King, [([(יהוה Yehôvâh)])],The God of the whole earth.

FirstLight.Light.First(C)NjRout9.30am20thJan2014 004 First Light.4. Cables.


FirstLight.Light.First(C)NjRout9.30am20thJan2014 004 First Light.4. Cables.

FirstLight.Light.First(C)NjRout9.30am20thJan2014 004 First Light.4. Cables.WP.Graph.Snipped.A.


FirstLight.Light.First(C)NjRout9.30am20thJan2014 004 First Light.4. Cables.WP.Graph.Snipped.A.

Light.First(C)NjRout9.30am20thJan2014 004 First Light.4. Cables.

The Movie.


The Sun.

Sunrise.Flag.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 004 Sunrise.

Sunrise.Flag.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 004 Sunrise.


Sunrise.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 004 Sunrise.Snipped.

Sunrise.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 004 Sunrise.Snipped.



SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 004 Sunrise.

The Movie.


Sun.The.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 003

Sun.The.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 003


SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 003

The Movie.


TheSun.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 012 (2)

TheSun.SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 012 (2)


SunMarch(C)NjRout8.15am7thMarch2014 012

The Movie.




The LORD God is a sun.



Psa 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


Psa 84:11 .. the LORD God is a sun / [is a sun] and shield: the LORD wi-ill give grace and [gra-ace and] glory: no good thing will he withhold from them [from them] that wa-alk uprightly. ([no good thing will he withhold from them [from them] that wa-alk uprightly.])



The LORD God is a sun.


And God [H6213 journey, work (-man), be (labour, busy, occupied, industrious), to do, (put in) execute (-ion), bruise, bring (come) to pass, bring forth, bear, make, etc. [Journey! Psalm 68:17..Psalm 18:9.10 (Down! Psalm 18:9 H3381 The earth has a gravitational pull!) The heavens (space stretches) stretch! See. Bowed. H5186 Psalm 18:9] made two great [H3974..H215 Kindle, set on fire, enlighten, shine, etc.] lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser [H3974..H215 Kindle, set on fire, enlighten, shine, etc.] light to rule the night: he made the stars also. Genesis 1:16


God journeyed through the Milky Way Galaxy, as he did to Sinai, in his (rocket Psalm 68:17) chariot/s, and set in execution “The Sun” and also, “The Moon!”


The chariots of God are (H7239 myriad, indefinite number.) twenty thousand, even thousands of (H8136 to alter, change, changing, repetition H8132) angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place. Psalm 68:17


Experiment! To determine what types of rays of light were coming from the moon, and possibly ascertain what types of plants were once upon the earth, and which one’s died out, (and why?) discover what the chemical composition of the moon is now, and work out what it was when it was burning, and compare it to the rays of today’s sun. [Could be dangerous! In reproducing rays of light that came from the moon, try to grow some plants in it, and see what can be produced!]


33 And when the sixth hour was come, there was [G4655 σκότος skotos skot’-os From base of G4639; shadiness, obscurity (figuratively or literally ): – darkness. G4639 σκία skia skee’-ah Chief word; “shade,” a shadow (literally or figuratively [darkness of error or an adumbration] Adumbrate: (a faint, give) indication of, (represent in) outline, foreshadow, overshadow. [(represent in) outline: eg: The wedding ring was seen behind the moon as it covered the the face of the sun?]): – a shade, shadow. (There was a Solar Eclipse of the Sun?)]] darkness over the [G3650 ὅλος holos hol’-os A chief word; “whole” or “all”, complete: – all, altogether, throughout, whole, every whit.] whole [G1093
γῆ gē ghay Contracted from a chief word; soil; a region, or the solid part, the whole of the terrene globe (including earth’s occupants in both applications): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world. (Globe! The earth is [was] (round) a sphere. See: Globe. H1543 bowl, wallow, roll [away, down, together], round. etc. H6947 with its H6498 and its H6497 a semi globe, knop, burst, the wild cucumber (from splitting open to shed it’s seeds.) etc. [[The (flowing or solid?) earth split open to shed its seeds!??]]) H8398 with its H2986 (bring, lead) forth, carry. (The earth had/has gravity!) ] land until the ninth hour. Mk 15:33 When the earth was rolling in space, at some time, it might have looked like a bowl, or, an ornament.)] Man is made of vapour and (Genesis 18:27 H6083 rubbish, powder. H665 to bestrew, ashes,) [Genesis 18:27. H6083 from H6080 pulverized! eg: Abraded in space!] dust. Psalm 37:20..Genesis 3:19 Man was made from the earth which is going to become vapour and dust. 2 Peter 3:10-12 which equals: the earth which is fiery beneath its surface, [Fire. H784 Job 28:5] was once a [Strew H2219 fan, bestrewed, tossed about, diffused, winnowed, (scattered, cast) away, spread. See: Strew below!] rolling cloud of vapour and dust in space?

Strew. and the young “Earth!” Check Youngs!
H2219 זרה zârâh zaw-raw’ Ancient word of descent (compare H2114); to toss about; implying to diffuse, winnow: – fan, (scatter, cast) away, to scatter, disperse, spread, strew, winnow, compass.

H2236 זרק zâraq zaw-rak’ Ancient word of descent; to sprinkle (fluid or solid particles): – scatter, (to) sprinkle, be sprinkled, strew, be here and there.

H2926 טלל ṭâlal taw-lal’ Ancient word of descent; correctly to strew over, that is, (implying) to plate or cover in, or (with beams): – to shade, protect, cover, conceal.

H3331 יצע yatsa‛ yaw-tsah’ Ancient word of descent; to strew as a surface: – spread, to be caused to go (out, forth), make [one’s] bed, lie.

H8497 תּכה tâkâh taw-kaw’ Ancient word of descent; to strew, encamp: – to be laid down, sit down. [To be laid down. See: “Sat down” under sit. Deteronomy 33:3 Young Analytical Concordance to the bible.]

G1287 διασκορπίζω
diaskorpizō dee-as-kor-pid’-zo From G1223 and G4650;to dissipate, (generally) to rout or separate; particularly to winnow; figuratively to squander: – scatter (abroad), [Scattered. Mk 14:27 to scatter thoroughly,] disperse, strew, [Matt 25:24 strawed,] waste.

G2693 καταστρώννυμι
katastrōnnumi kat-as-trone’-noo-mee From G2596 and G4766; to strew down, (implying) to prostrate (slay): – to strew down, overthrow, [overthrown. 1 Corinthians 10:5]

G4766 στρώννυμι strōnnumi strone’-noo-mee Or simpler form
στρωννύω strōnnuō strone’-noo’-o, lengthened from a simpler form στρόω stroō stro’-o (only used as an alternate in particular tenses; [possibly related to G4731 (through the concept of positing)מק מקּל maqqêl maqqelâh mak-kale’, mak-kel-aw’to germinate. etc. (to start up out of the ground. See: Germinate G1816 and its offshoot G1537 place of origin, the point where motion or action proceeds. etc.)]; to “strew”, spread, (as a carpet or couch): – spread, strew, make bed, furnish.

G5291 ὑποστρώννυμι hupostrōnnumi hoop-os-trone’-noo-mee From G5259 and G4766; to strew underneath (the feet as a carpet): – spread, to strew under. G5259 ὑπό hupo hoop-o’A chief preposition; under, (with the genitive) of place (beneath), with verbs (the agency or means, through); (with accusative) of place or time (when [at]) (whither [underneath] or where [below]) : – in, among, under, by, from, of, with. It keeps the same genitive applications, in compounds, especially of inferior position or condition, and particularly moderately or covertly. G4766 στρώννυμι strōnnumi strone’-noo-mee Or simpler form στρωννύω strōnnuō strone’-noo’-o, lengthened from a simpler form στρόω stroō stro’-o (only used as an alternate in particular tenses; [possibly related to G4731 (through the concept of positing)מקּלה מקּל maqqêl maqqelâh mak-kale’, mak-kel-aw’to germinate. etc. (to start up out of the ground. See: Germinate G1816 and its offshoot G1537 place of origin, the point where motion or action proceeds. etc.)]); to “strew”, spread, (as a carpet or couch): – spread, strew, make bed, furnish.

Origin of (people) man/kind? H5315 of G5590 of G2372 of G2115 of G2114 of “Strew” H2219 of “bestrewed” of ashes H665 of Genesis 18:27 And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes: See: land Mark 15:33 Man is made of vapour and (Genesis 18:27 H6083 rubbish, powder. H665 to bestrew, ashes,).

Before a seed germinates the seed swells up?? See: Luke 8:6,8 (sprang, sprung) up. G5453 [See: Strongs. Germinate: G5453].

44 And it was about the sixth hour, and there [G1096 γίνομαι ginomai ghin’-om-ahee Chief verb middle form and lengthened; (reflexively) to become (come into being), to cause to be (“gen” -erate), (literally, figuratively, intensively, etc.): – use, seem, draw, grow, wax, soon as it was, arise be assembled, partake, be taken, be married, be published, be made, be (come, -fall, -have self), (be) come (to pass), be brought (to pass), fall, follow, have, happen, require, will, would, be (ordained [to be], kept, wrought, showed, turned, found, continue, performed, done, divided, pass, ended, finished, fulfilled), sound, God forbid.] was a [skotos, a skotia..dimness, darkness, obscurity] darkness over [G3650 ὅλος holos hol’-os A chief word; “whole” or “all”, complete : – all, altogether, throughout, whole, every whit.] all the [G1093 γῆgē ghay Contracted from a chief word; soil; a region, or the solid part, the whole of the terrene globe (including earth’s occupants in both applications): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world. (Globe! The earth is [was] (round) a sphere.)] earth until the ninth hour.
45 And the [G2246 ἥλιος hēlios hay’-lee-os From ἕλη helē (a ray; maybe related to the alternate of G138); the sun; implying light: – east, light, solar, sun.] sun [G4654 σκοτίζω skotizō skot-id’-zo From G4655; to obscure (literally or figuratively): – darken, to be darkened, made dark. G4655 σκότος skotos skot’-os From the base of G4639; shadiness, obscurity (literally or figuratively): – darkness.] was darkened, and the [G2665 καταπέτασμα katapetasma kat-ap-et’-as-mah From a compound of G2596 and from a congener of G4072; thing thoroughly spread, (particularly) door screen (to the Most Holy Place) in the Jewish Temple: – an extension, (large) vail. ] veil of the [G3845 παραβαίνω parabainō par-ab-ah’ee-no From G3844 and the base of G939; to go contrary to, violate a command: – (by) transgress (-ion).] temple was [G4977 σχίζω schizō skhid’-zo Apparently a chief verb; to split or sever (literally or figuratively): – break, tear, make a rent, (to) rend, divide, open.] rent in the [G3319
μέσος mesos mes’-os From G3326; middle (as as adjective or [the neuter] noun): – before them, between, among, midst, forth, mid [-day, -night], way.] midst. Lke 23:44,45

Matthew 27:45..Mark 15:33..Luke 23:44,45
First published by myself, Noelene Joy Rout 8.02pm 21st November 2011


Prayers NEEDED!


Because of the “warfare” I have been going through, with the devil, and his demon’s, I am aiming at, “24 hour a day prayer” from people all around the earth, i.e. Where ever there are believing people around the earth, who read my pages, and study my work, and listen to my Scriptures to Music, who pray for me, I am covering myself with the prayers of those persons, as well as, “Prayers from Others.” “Please” and “Thank YOU” for “YOUR” prayers.


You are “not safe” in THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN LOCKED HOME, from, THE DEVIL! Plz pray (James 5:16) to The Almighty God in & through the name of His only begotten Son, The Word of God, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS Rev 19:13 -16 for me, & ask him, to “Totally” Heal me, an old widow, (Isa 1:17) and “PROTECT & DELIVER” me, every moment, of every day, for the rest of my life, upon the face of this earth, from THE DEVIL, who USES “WIRES & DEVICES” TO TUNE INTO HUMAN BODIES, & COMMUNICATE INTO HUMAN MINDS, & TOUCH, RAPE, TORMENT, HURT, & OR EVEN, KILL, PEOPLE, & ALSO TO BECOME, “ONE” WITH THE BODY, OR BODIES OF, THE HUMAN PERSON, TO COMMUNICATE INTO HUMAN MINDS, & TOUCH, TORMENT, HURT, & OR EVEN, KILL, & EAT PEOPLE! Hebrews 2:14..1 Peter 5:8


1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


Ocular Evidence. Prayers NEEDED!


You do not have to reply to my page, & I don’t want to purchase anything. Thank You. Noelene.


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    The chancellor increased her own party’s share of the voteon Sunday but fell just short of an absolute majority. And withthe Free Democrats just falling short of the 5 percent needed totake seats in parliament, she looks likely to form a governmentwith one of three other parties who made it into parliament.

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    The company, which describes its lithium and surfacetreatment chemicals businesses as its core, recently agreed tosell its industrial ceramics unit for $1.99 billion andclay-based additives business for $635 million.

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    The mining project would use cyanide to mine 314 tons of gold from the historic site, according to data from Gabriel Resources Ltd., the Canadian company behind the project. The company says it has commitments to environment and cultural heritage issues and says the project is a ‘world-class, long-term and sustainable investment,’ while critics say the move will destroy historic villages and ancient gold mines.

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    He took the central bank on an aggressive and unorthodoxcourse that came to define his legacy as Fed chairman, makinghis shoes very tough to fill according to economists and currentand former policymakers.

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    The bondholder group, advised by investment bank Moelis &Co, said it had attempted to talk with the bank over the pastthree months but said a conflict of interest between the groupand the bank “prevented substantive engagement”.

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  149. Lioncool says:

    I’d like a phonecard, please desloratadine anxiety “The cancellation of this trip is another consequence of the House Republicans forcing a shutdown of the government,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement. “This completely avoidable shutdown is setting back our ability to create jobs through promotion of US exports and advance US leadership and interests in the largest emerging region in the world.”

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