Son of God. Page 1 Introduction.

In about December of 1952 at about one week off 9 years of age, I listened to a man preaching on the Radio. The man was preaching, and I accepted the man’s sermon and carried on with my young life.

I believed from about December of 1952 to the year, 2012, that the name of the only begotten Son of God, was Jesus Christ, and I believed that, and even called him that, and even sung to him as that, and even studied my Bible and made Bible Studies in which I called him that, because “I believed” what my teacher’s, [i.e. those who printed, published, distributed, and preached from Bibles] taught me.

I have intensively studied the Holy Bible, and I have been studying the Holy Bible now for over, 40 years, however, whilst studying the Holy Bible intensively, I never intensively studied the name of God, and or the name of his Son, I obviously didn’t think I needed to, but now that I have, I have found that the name of the only begotten Son of God is “Yehoshua,” a name of Hebrew origin, [See: Jesus Strongs G2424 H3091] which was bestowed upon him by, the LORD God Almighty. Matthew 1:21 [See: Angel of the Lord. Zech 3:1,2]. And, I have also found that the name of God is “NOT” Jehovah, but YEHOVAH Strongs H3091 so, I have to fix up errors in my Bible Studies, in relation to, the names of God, and his only begotten Son.

Now correcting errors in the name of the only begotten Son of God is easy, and this is how that is done.

Jesus Strongs G2424 H3091 is the name of Hebrew origin, Yehoshua, which  is probably pronounced in Hebrew as phonetically “ee yosh u  ah” or it might have been pronounced in an older Hebrew form in the manner that a Jewish Man reading from the book of Joshua pronounces Joshua, which phonetically, sounds like “el ee rr shoo ah.” What ever the case may be, the correct name of the only begotten Son of God is Yehoshua, [It might have been Joshua, which is a form of [J?] Yehoshua.] which is pronounced with a Hebrew sound, and not the sound of another language, such as my Australian Language which is English. i.e. [J?] Yehoshua:  “ee yosh u  ah” or “el ee rr shoo ah.”

“Christ” is: [Strongs G5547 anointed, The Messiah] which means that, we can now put the name of the only begotten Son of God together like this: “Yehoshua, the anointed, Messiah.”

In relation to placing the correct phonetic pronunciation of the name of The LORD God Almighty into your mouth, [which I believe should be there, because “YOU” have a “God given right” to know it, and speak it!] that is hard, because those Jewish People who know that pronunciation won’t release it, even though we are allowed by God to use it, [i.e. You will notice that, when you read the book of Psalms!] However, here is a way to deal with this problem.

As you read your bible, jot down, and keep a record of all of the names that God used to identify himself to others, throughout the bible, such as: Almighty God, The LORD God Almighty, The LORD God of Hosts, The God of Hosts, The LORD  God of Israel, the God of Israel, The Holy One of Israel, I AM, I AM THAT I AM, The LORD God of the Hebrews, The God of Abraham, The God of Jacob, The God of Isaac, The Redeemer, The God of the spirits of all flesh, The God of the whole earth, [NOT! The god of the world! That is the devil Luke 4:5,6..2 Cor 4:4] The Maker, The possesser of heaven and earth, The most high God, The Highest, The Creator, the Creator of the ends of the earth, The Creator of Israel, The everlasting God, etc, etc,

And then, with all of those names in your mind, and mouth, you can call out i.e. LORD God Almighty, in the name of, and through the name of Yehoshua, your anointed, Messiah, and only begotten Son, I am in need of your help, or, so and so needs your help, we are sick, or in trouble, or what ever the case may be, and you can look for answers to your prayers from the LORD God Almighty who said in Psalm 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

The Holy Bible needs to be corrected, and in all places where the word Jesus, is used, that word needs to be removed and be replaced with the correct Jewish name of the only begotten Son of God, which is H2424 H3091 “Yehoshua”, and where ever the word Christ is used, in the Holy Bible that word needs to be removed, and be replaced with the words, the G5547 anointed, Messiah.

And in doing this “False Testimonies” such as the Angel of the LORD asking Joseph to name his Son Jesus, will be corrected to the “True Testimony” of the angel of the LORD, such as follows: “And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call his name G2424 H3091 Yehoshua.” Matthew 1:21

By substituting Jesus Christ into the New Testament, the Jewish, anointed, Messiah, Yehoshua, has, by writers, been made to give “False Testimony” about his name to Paul, Acts 9:5 and even the Apostles of the anointed, Messiah, Yehoshua have been made to give “False Testimonies ‘ in their writings, because the Rabbi, that they served was a Jewish man with a name of Hebrew origin, which is Yehoshua, and throughout their writings in the Bible, Translators have got “The Disciples” calling their “Jewish Rabbi” by the Greco Roman name of, Jesus Christ.

By getting the name “Jesus Christ” out of the Holy Bible, you will be, cleansing the Holy Bible of lies!

Now, I am 70 years of age, and the work throughout all of my Bible Studies is too much for me to rapidly change the name of Jesus Christ to Yehoshua, so I am doing it this way, by letting people who find my work know, that I now know, and am telling people, that, the name of the only begotten anointed, Messiah and Son of the LORD God Almighty is “Yehoshua.” i.e. The Gospel of John 8:31,32

Due to Jewish Persons withholding the correct phonetic pronunciation of the name of God, this word here, יהוה could be used throughout the bible wherever the number H3068 is used, along with, God Almighty. i.e. Exodus 6:3

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