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The Cumulonimbus Cloud.

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18 The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook. Psalm 77:18

18 The [qol..(a) voice, (a) sound, noise, (to call) aloud, cry (out), yell, lowing, bleating, sing, crackling, spark, thunder, thundering, fame, lightness, claim, proclaim, proclamation.] voice of thy [ (lifted up, troubled), make to fret, roar, roaring, (a peal of) thunder.] thunder was in the [galgal..(a) wheel, (a) rolling thing, roller, rolling cloud, a whirlwind, whirling dust, heaven.] heaven: the [baraq.. glitter, glittering, (glittering, flashing) sword, a gleam, bright, lightning, cast forth.] lightnings [or.. kindle, set on fire, sun, make (cause) to shine, shine, light, lighten, enlighten, give light, show light, have light, be enlightened, be light, bright, clear, break of day, morning, day, glorious, lightning, herbs.] lightened the [tebel..the globe, the earth (as moist and inhabited), habitable earth, fruit bearing earth, habitable part, a particular part of the land, the inhabitants of the earth, world.] world: the [ freq. land freq. field, ground, country, them that dwell in a country, nation, common, world, way.] earth [ragaz..rage, to be angry, be wroth, to quiver with fear, provoke, disquiet, trouble (-d), be (troubled, disquieted, moved), be afraid, to quiver with anger, move, quake, shake, (make to) tremble, stand in awe, fall out, fret.] trembled and [ raash: make afraid, (make to, to cause to) tremble, trembled, (make to, to cause to, to) shake, shaking, quake, quaking, earthquake, to undulate (through fear, the earth, the sky), to spring (as a locust), move, be moved, remove, commotion, confused noise, rattling, fierceness, rushing, also a field of grain. Undulate means move up and down, move up and down like the waves, to rise and fall (like the waves.] shook. Psalm 77:18

The largest cloud on earth is the Cumulonimbus thunder cloud. The cloud forms as moist air rises into the atmosphere where it is cooled, this cooling causes water vapour within the atmosphere to condenses into droplets. Heat is produced as the water condenses, and the heat causes the cloud to grow to the top of the troposphere where the temperature evens out.

Hailstones are formed, and static electricity is produced within the cloud by friction as crystals of ice and water droplets rub against one another while aggressively being forced up and around by freezing, updraughts (currents of air).

Positive charges build up in the top of the cloud, and negative charges build up at the bottom of the cloud and upon the ground. When the cloud has too much static, the thunderstorm begins and flashes of lightning shoot between the charges within the cloud, from the cloud to another cloud, or, from the cloud to the ground.

The cumulonimbus cloud brings heavy rain, snow, giant hailstones, unpredictable gusty winds, and sometimes, tornadoes, violent funnels of whirling wind, which reach speeds of 350 miles per hour, and which stretch down to the earth from the clouds or through the air like spaghetti.

Hailstones fall from the cloud when they become too heavy to be sustained by the weakening updraughts of air, and the heavy rain and snow will falls from the cloud until the cloud has disappeared.

The sound, noise, crackling, spark, of thy thunder was in the whirling dust (rolling cloud) the cast forth, a gleam, bright, (glittering, flashing) sword, lightning, kindle, set on fire, sun, (make, cause to) shine, (give, show) light, enlighten, morning, the earth: the earth move, quake, shake, trembled and shake, quake, earthquake, move up and down like the waves. Psalm 77:18

The noisy crackling spark of thy thunder was in the whirling cloud of dust (tornado): the gleaming bright glittering lightning (make, cause to) shine, set on fire, enlighten, the earth: the earth move, quake, shake, trembled, move up and down like the waves of the sea. Psalm 77:18

During whirlwinds (hurricanes and tornadoes) the earth moves up and down like the waves of the sea, and the earth trembles and shakes.
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