Tornadoes. What does the Holy Bible tell me about tornadoes?

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9 Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north. Job 37:9

9 Out of the [cheder..within, inward (part), innermost (part), (inner) chamber, chambers, parlour, an apartment, bed, south, bedchamber with mishkab.] south cometh the [suphah..storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind, Red sea.] whirlwind: and [qarah..cold, coolness.] cold out of the [mezarim, mezareh..a scatterer, scattering winds, the north wind.] north. Job 37:9

The sun shines upon the earth and warms the earth and its waters. Job 6:15-17..Amos 5:8..Amos 9:6..As the earth and its waters are warmed vapours rise up and enter into the air..James 1:11..Air is continually whirling and moving about..Ecclesiastes 1:6..High in the atmosphere the temperature is cold..Psalm 68:14..Job 6:15-17

The north and the south poles are cold and dark and gloomy..Hot air travels from the equator towards the north and the south poles, while cold air travels towards the equator from the north and the south poles.

Within the atmosphere masses of warm air meet masses of cold air..Warm ar rises, cold air sinks..Job 6:15-17..Cold causes water to condense out of the air..Job 6:15-17 in reverse.

When a cold mass of air and a warm mass of air meet, the warm mass of air rises up and into, and over the cold mass of air which pushes and circles beneath the warm mass and a wave (bulge) is produced in the air. As the wave of warm air rises over the cold air which is pushing beneath it, water vapour condenses and a cumulonimbus thunder cloud forms, and rises high up into the air.

This meeting of the two fronts is called a depression. Rapid changes in the weather are brought about by depressions which pass over the earth at speeds of 30-60 km/h. Rain and cloudy weather will be brought by the warm front, while heavy rain and sunshine will be brought by the cold front.

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