God makes fire with Water.

Fire From Water.
God makes fire from Water.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Joy Rout
19th August 2012
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It is with “Great Honour” that I dedicate this Bible Study, to [([(יהוה Yehôvâh)])] who is the LORD God Almighty, Creator, and Possessor, of Heaven and Earth.

Lightning is fire G4442
He maketh lightnings with rain. Jer 10:13..Jer 51:16
Rain is water H2222 Rain is an accumulation of drops, shower. (G5194 Rain is transparent. G5200 Rain wets.) H7231 of H7241 to multiply by the myriad. H7233 of H7231 offshoot of Rain H7241 a myriad (whether definite or indefinite).

[Myriad. G3461 A myriad is an indefinite number. G3463 of Myriad G3461 is: innumerably many.) [He maketh (lightnings) fire with (rain, drops of water) water.]

God made water. Psalm 95:5

Science. Water is made of atoms, i.e. Two atoms of hydrogen, and One atom of oxygen combined, make one molecule of water. God made water from atoms!

[Lightning (which is hot. Psalm 78:48 H7565 to H8313) is (H784 hot) fire, so, within water there is (H3980 potential [energy] fuel) a flammable atom!

What atom in water is (the fuel from which God makes [fire] lightning?) flammable, Oxygen or Hydrogen?

Answer. Oxygen is required for combustion. Hydrogen atoms, being easy to set on fire are the flammable atoms, and the oxygen atoms that are present within the drops of water, that God uses to make (lightning) fire within the air, are required for the combustion of the (fire) lightning.

God makes Electricity.

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