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Lions are wild animals. 4829 Nah 2:11

Lions are giant cats. 1368 Prov 30:30

All cats such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, puma’s, leopards and domestic cats, are members of the cat family. Some of the Hebrew words used in this study, some of the colors that are mentioned, and some of the behaviour of the lions in this study, might also be referring to other members of the cat family.

Lions have minds with which they think, imagine and feel.
Lions are clever and intelligent (have the power to reason and think..intellect 3820 2 Sam 17:10)..
Lions are courageous, lions have wills and feelings, and the hearts of lions can be broken, lions can be merry, and lions have a form of understanding. 3820 2 Sam 17:10..Lions imagine things (meditate, ponder, think)! 1897 Isa 31:4..Lions feel pleasure. 1897 Isa 31:4

Lions love and lions mourn.
Lions love, have feelings (mourn ). 5099

Where do lions live.
The lion is come up from his entwine, fold together, wrap, (copse, thicket). 5441 5440 Jer 4:7..Lions live where there are flowers and bees 3293 & Judges 14:8..Amos 3:4 in green and grassy spread out places (plains) that are overgrown with dense, and tangled masses of vegetation undergrowth and bushes and trees. 7765 Jer 4:7..Jer 12:8..Mic 5:8..Where is the lions feeding place, pasture, (haunt)?..4829 Nah 2:11..A lions den is its place of retreat.

Lions live in forests among flowers and bees.
Lions live in copses (thickets)..Lions live in spread out places..Thickets are thick with flourishing green undergrowth, bushes and trees. (vegetation)..Bees live in thickets..Bees build their hives in trees..Bees produce honey and honey comb by gathering pollen from flowers..There are flowers in thickets..Flowers produce fragrant smells..S of S 4:16..Lions live in the midst of fragrant odours in spread out places among the flourishing green undergrowth of thick bushes and trees. 5441 Jeremiah 4:7

Lions live in snowy places.
Benaiah the son of Jehoiada slew a lion in a pit on a snowy day. 1 Chron 11:22

The lions territory.
Lions and their cubs have places where they 1980 walk, go (about, up and down), walk to places, walk to and fro, run along, wander, travel, spread. Nah 2:11

Lions are strong.
Lions are insolent, great, mighty, valiant (strong). 1396 2 Sam 1:23..Saul and Jonathon were stronger than lions. 2 Sam 1:23..Lions are great, strong, hard, severe, (stout). 3833 Ezek 19:2..See stout. Youngs.

Lions are confident (bold). Prov 28:1

Lions are haughty. 7830 Job 28:8

Lions are powerful.
Lions are mighty, powerful, valiant, champions, warriors, chief, tyrants. Dan 6:27..Prov 30:30

Lions have heads.
The heads of the horses were as the heads of lions. Rev 9:17

Lions have manes. 3715
The lion roars, and he rustles and shakes and tumbles his mane about, and he tosses it up and down. 5287
The mane of the lion quivers in the wind. 7483

Lions have faces.
Men with faces like the faces of lions. 1 Chron 12:8

Lions have cheeks and jaws. Joel 1:6

Lions have mouths.
Lions open their mouths wide. Psa 22:13..Paul was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. 2 Tim 2:17..The seven headed beast with ten horns and ten crowns has the mouth of a lion. Rev 13:1,2..The mouths of lions can be stopped (silenced). Heb 11:33..Save me from the lions mouth.. Psa 22:21

Lions have teeth.
Lions have teeth..Job 4:10..Joel 1:6..Rev 9:8..Lions have 8127 front teeth, lions have teeth in their 4973 cheeks (jaws). Joel 1:6..Lions have back teeth..4459..Psa 58:6..Lions grind their food with their back teeth..4459..Psa 58:6..Lions bite with their teeth. 4973 Joel 1:6..The teeth of lions are sharp. Job 4:10..Joel 1:6..Lions teeth are beaten down, and sometimes torn out and broken. 5421 Job 4:10..4459..Psa 58:6

Lions have legs.
Lions have four legs. 7257 Genesis 49:9..Lions fold their four legs. 7257..Genesis 49:9..Lions fold their four legs and crouch down. 7257 Genesis 49:9

Lions have paws.
Lions have paws. 1 Sam 17:13..Lions knead with their paws. 3918..3888 Job 4:11

Lions strut. 7830 Job 28:8

The lioness.
The lioness folds her four legs and rests reclines, (lies) down among violent (young) lions. Ezek 19:2..The lioness folds her four legs and crouches down among other violent (young) lions. Ezek 19:2..The lioness crouches down with her four legs folded and lurks among violent (young) lions. Ezek 19:2..The lioness hunts among violent (young) lions. Ezek 19:2 The lioness nourishes her cubs among (male) lions. Ezek 19:2..The lioness is authoritative..Ezek 19:2..The lioness makes many..Ezek 19:2..The lioness use many.. Ezek 19:2..The lioness slays many..Ezek 19:2..The lioness yield much..Ezek 19:2..The lioness increase..Ezek 19:2..The lioness (bring in) abundance..Ezek 19:2..The lioness brings up her cubs..Ezek 19:2..The lioness was once a cub (grew up)..Ezek 19:2..Groups of lionesses work together as a team to hunt and catch prey.

Lions and cubs.
The lioness hides (lives) in different places with her young for about the first six weeks of their lives.. Lionesses carry their cubs. Ezek 19:3..The lioness picks up her cubs by the scruff of the neck and carries them in her mouth..A lions cub is also called a whelp..1482..Ezek 19:3..The lioness lives with her cubs in a den (lair). 1482 Ezek 19:3..Cubs grow up to become lions..3715 Ezek 19:3.. Ezek 19:5..Ezek 19:6.. Some cubs grow up to become large tawny (yellowish-brown) powerful carnivorous felines, cats, (lions) with tufted tails and flowing shaggy manes. 3715 Ezek 19:3..Cubs dont know how to hunt and kill and tear the prey to pieces..3925..Ezek 19:3..Ezek 19:6..Cubs are taught by their mothers and during play how to become diligent, skilful, and expert suppliers of food, catchers hunters of prey, who (tear, rend, pluck and pull their food to pieces)..The lioness is diligent, she is skilful, and she is an expert hunter..The lioness is the supplier of food, for herself, for the cubs and for the greedy, and hungry lion..Ezek 19:3..2963 Ezek 22:25..Lion cubs growl..5286 Jer 51:38..Lion cubs yell..5286 Jer 51:38

Cubs suffer hunger.
Young lions lack, are poor, needy, destitute. Psa 34:10..Young lions suffer hunger. Psa 34:10..Cubs are dependent upon their mothers for food. The lionesses hunt and catch food. The male lion feeds first, then the lionesses, and then the cubs.

Lions are ferocious.
Lions are fierce..Job 4:10..Job 10:16..Hos 13:7..Joel 1:6..3833..Psa 57:4..The lioness is fiercer than the lion..3833

Lions are violent, lions fight and hit.
Lions are violent. 738 Isa 31:4..Isa 35:9.. Jer 5:6..Hos 11:10.. Amos 3:4..Ezek 19:6..The blows of a lion are destructive. 3918 Job 4:11..Prov 30:30..Isa 30:6..young Lions pierce (are violent)..738 Job 4:10..Jer 5:6..Jer 49:19..Jer 50:44..Lam 3:10..Ezek 1:10..Ezek 10:14..2 Sam 1:23..Amos 5:14..Mic 5:8..Nah 2:11..Nah 2:12..Ezek 22:25..1 Chron 12:8..2 Chron 9:18..2 Chron 9:18..S of S 4:8..Isa 15:9..Jer 51:38..Zeph 3:3..Lions are violent, they punish, clap, smite, strike (lightly or severely), give stripes, beat, wound, cast forth, and kill, slaughter (murder). Jer 5:6 Cubs are murdered by strange male lions.Lions punish, clap, smite, strike, beat, give wounds, cast forth, kill, and murder. 5221..1 Kïngs 13:26..Lions expel (cast forth) lions!

Lions are carnivores.
Lions eat meat..2964 Ezek 19:3..Ezek 19:6..Ezek 22:25..Psa 104:21..Lions seek their meat from God..Psa 104:21..Lions devour meat. 398 Hos 13:8 Lions ate men of low degree. Native peoples? 120 Ezek 19:3

The food of lions is torn, fragments of fresh meat. 2964 Amos 3:4

Lions crush..3918 Prov 30:30..Isa 30:6

Lions pierce, pluck and gather. 738..717..Amos 3:4

Lions hunt.
Lions are members of the cat family. All cats have similar behaviour. Lions are vehement, rough, harsh, greedy, strong, powerful, fierce, and mighty. Judges 14:18 Lions long, sore, pine, desire, food (the prey). Psa 17:12 Lions are greedy. Psa 17:12 Lions hunt. Job 38:39 Female lions and young lions hunt. 3833 Job 38:39 Female lions hunt food for their young. Job 38:39 Lions catch (capture) their food. Amos 3:4 Lions gather, give, furnish, (supply) food for themselves, the males and their cubs. 2963 Nah 2:12 4390 Job 38:39 Lionesses hunt members of flocks. 1 Sam 17:34 Lions devour ravin (animals from flocks). Nah 2:12 Lions search for their meat, food, (prey). 1245 Psalm 104:21 Lions hunt by lying in wait alongside animals. 6679 Job 10:16 Job 38:39 Job 38:39 Lions crouch. 7257 Gen 49:9..3766 Num 24:9 Lions quietly lurk and wait in secret places to ambush the prey. Psalm 17:12 Female lions lurk and (lie, lay) in wait. Psa 10:9 Female lions ambush the prey. (attack the prey from a concealed position). Psa 10:9 Female lions conceal themselves from the prey. Psa 10:9..Female lions conceal themselves behind a screen of grass. 5520 5526 Psa 10:9 Female lions hide in secret places from the prey. Lions lurk..7257 Gen 49:9 The lioness sits, down, and she sits still, and she sits up as she lurks (haunts) in secret places. Psa 17:12 Lions ambush the prey. Psa 17:12 Cubs dont know how to hunt and kill and tear the prey to pieces. 3925 Ezek 19:3 Ezek 19:6 Cubs are taught by their mothers, and during play, how to become diligent, skilful, and expert suppliers of food. (catchers hunters of prey, who (tear, rend, pluck and pull their food to pieces). The lioness is diligent, she is skilful, and she is an expert hunter. During a hunt lionesses cause herds of animals to rush. 7716 with 7582 1 Sam 17:34 Lions hunt deer. 6679 6718 Job 10:16 Lions catch prey. 2964..2963 Job 4:11 Prey is a lions food. 2964..2963 Job 4:11 Without prey lions die of starvation. 1097 2964 Job 4:11 Lions pierce their prey. See Youngs Pierce Psa 22:16 Lions pierce their prey with their teeth /and their claws. Psa 17:12 Animals who are captured by lions experience pain (hurt). Dan 6:22 Lions pierce, pluck, gather. Psa 17:12 Lions seize with their heads. Rev 9:17 Lions choke (strangle) and suffocate the prey. Nah 2:12 Lions smite with deadly intent, slaughter, kill, slay, murder, put to (death). 2026 2 Kings 17:25 Lions batter, mar, spoil, and destroy. Jer 2:30 Lions tear the prey. 738 Isa 31:4 Lions tear their prey to pieces. 2966 Nah 2:12 Lions rend their prey with their mouths. Psa 17:12 Lions eat animals with their mouths. Amos 3:12 Lions hurt, burst, break (in pieces), crush, destroy and kill their prey. 7665 4191 Lions hurt, ruin, and destroy. Dan 6:22 The prey feels pain. 1 Kings 13:26 Lions eat carcases. 1 Kings 13:28 Lions tear, rend (pull their prey) to pieces. 2964 2963 Job 4:11 Psa 7:2 Psa 17:12 Psa 22:13 Ezek 19:3 Lions pluck pieces off their prey. 2963 2964 Job 4:11..Psa 7:2 Psa 17:12 Psa 22:13 Ezek 19:3 Lions pull their prey to pieces as they pluck off morsels of meat. Deut 33:20 2963 Ezek 22:25 Mic 5:8 Nah 2:12 Lions (break) pieces of the prey. Psa 7:2..Lions denude (craunch) the bones of prey and break them up. Psa 7:2..Psa 10:9..Lions burst, break off, up, in pieces, crush, tear, and break down, strong bones. 7765 6106 Isa 38:13 Lions gnaw bones. Zeph 3:3 Animals who are captured by lions experience pain (hurt). Dan 6:22 Lions break in pieces, and crush and crumble (grind) the bones of their prey (with their back teeth 4459..Psa 58:6). 1855 Dan 6:24..The back teeth of people, animals and creatures are used to chew (grind down) and make crumbs of food. 4459..Psa 58:6 Bones are broken down by digestive juices within the stomaches of lions. 7765 Isa 38:13 Lions eat fragments of torn meat. Job 4:11 Lions eat morsels of meat from the prey. 2964 2963 Job 4:11 Lions drink the blood and eat the meat of dead and or wounded animals. Numbers 23:24 The female lion provides her cubs with morsels of food. 2963 Psa 7:2 Psa 17:12 Psa 22:13 Lions feed on the prey from day till night. 7765 Isa 38:13

Lions are quiet. 6963 Job 4:10

Lions sing. 6963 Job 4:10

Lions murmer.
Lions murmer..1897 Isa 31:4..Lions murmer when they are angry..1897..Isa 31:4..Lions murmer with pleasure..1897..Isa 31:4..Lions mutter, speak, talk, utter.1897..Isa 31:4

Lions snarl and growl.
Lions snarl..5099..5098..Prov 19:12..Prov 20:2..Lions growl..5099 5098 Prov 19:12..Prov 20:2..Prov 28:15

Lions moan and rumble.
Lions moan and rumble..7581..7580..Psa 22:13..Isa 5:29..Jer 51:38..Lions moan, and rumble and roar for their victuals, meat (food). Psa 104:21

Lions make noises..Lions call aloud..Lions proclaim..Lions yell.
Lions hold peace, sound, noise, voice, cry (out), call aloud, yell, thunder, proclaim, sing. 6963 Job 4:10..Jer 2:15..Amos 3:4

Lions roar.
male Lions roar 7826..Job 4:10..Psa 57:4..Psa 91:13..Psa 104:21..Prov 19:12..Prov 20:2..Prov 28:15..Isa 5:29..Isa 31:4..Jer 2:15..Jer 51:38..Ezek 19:2..Hos 5:14..Hos 11:10..Hos 13:7,8..Joel 1:6..Amos 2:11..Amos 3:4,8..Zeph 3:3..Zech 11:3..1 Pet 5:8..Rev 10:3.. Young lions roar. Prov 20:2..Zech 11:3..Lions roar together as a unit (one)..Jer 51:38.. The roar of the lion is frightening. 3372 Amos 3:8 The female lion is not a roarer..3833..Isa 5:29..Hos 13:8..Psa 57:4..male

Fearful lions.
Lions are not afraid of noisy humans (human voices). 2865 Isa 31:4..Lions fear. Psa 17:12..None make the lion shudder with fear. Nah 2:1

Lions live in dens.
Lions live in lairs (dens)..Psa 10:9..Jer 25:28..4585 & 4583 with Amos 3:4..Nah 2:11..S of S 4:8..A lions den is its place of refuge..S of S 4:8..Lions hide in their lairs (dens). Psa 10:9.. Psa 17:12.. Lions leave their lairs (dens)..Jer 25:28..Lions hide, live in coverts (secret places). 4565 5641 Lam 3:10..The lioness and her cubs live in a den (lair)..Ezek 19:3..Nah 2:11..Lions live in elevated (high) places..759 Ezek 19:7..Lions live in hollowed out places, holes, caves, (dens). Nah 2:12..Lions carry prey to their dens. Nah 2:12..A lions place of refuge is its habitation, dwelling place, (den). Nah 2:12

Daniel and the lions.
The presidents, governors, princes, counselers, and the captains established a royal statute and made a firm decree according to the law of the Medes and the Persians that whosoever asked a petition of any God or man for thirty days, save of the king Darius, would be cast into a den of lions. Dan 6:7,12 Daniel was seen before his open window praying and making supplication to God, three times a day, and Daniel was cast into the den of lions. Dan 6:7-17 Daniel was not hurt by the lions when he was in the lions den because God delivered him from the lions by sending an angel to keep the mouths of the lions shut. Dan 6:19-27 The men who accused Daniel and also their wives and children were thrown, (cast down) into the den of lions where all of their bones were broken to pieces before they reached the bottom of the den. Dan 6:24 The den was a pit that had been cut out in the earth for wild animals. 1358 Dan 6:20

Lions get tired.
Lions get tired. 7257 Gen 49:9..When lions are tired they fall down, sit, rest, recline (lie down) with their four legs folded. e.g., recumbent 7257 Genesis 49:9

Lions cast out lions.
Lions punish, clap, smite, strike, beat, give wounds, cast forth, kill, and murder. 5221..1 Kïngs 13:26..

Some lions are young, and some lions are old.
Some lions are young. 3715..Psa 58:6..Jer 2:15..Ezek 19:2..Ezek 19:6..Some lions are old. Ezek 19:2..Nah 2:11..

Young lions.
Young lions mislead, fetch a stroke, strike, inflict, push off and expel. 5080 Jer 51:38 Young lions use force and compulsion to cast, thrust, and drive people away. 5080 Jer 51:38 Young lions cast, thrust, and drive away. Jer 51:8 Young lions banish and expel. Jer 51:8 Young lions withdraw. Jer 51:8 Young lions be drawn away. Jer 51:8 Young lions go astray. Jer 51:8 Young lions bring. Jer 51:8 The young lions made the land waste. Jer 2:15 Young lions are devoured by the sword. Nah 2:13

Lions sit down.
Lions sit down in quiet. Psa 17:12..11:3..

Lions love and care for one another.
Lions are friendly to, and care for one another, within their pride!

Symbolic lions.
The heads of the horses were as the heads of lions. Rev 9:17 Jesus Christ is the lion of the tribe of Judah. Rev 5:5

The righteous tread upon lions.
The righteous tread upon lions. Psa 91:13..1 Pet 5:8

God brings lions upon people.
The LORD sent lions among them, which slew some of them. 2 Kings 17:25 God sent lions among them to slay them because they did not know the manner of the God of the land. 4191 2 Kings 17:26 God can cause a lion to kill someone. 2026 4191 2 Kings 17:26 God brought lions upon Dimon. Isa 15:9

Lions wander.
Old lions wander. Job 4:1

Lions grow old.
Lions grow old. 3918 Isa 30:26..Joel 1:6..3833 Hos 13:8..Nah 2:11..

Lions die.
Lions die. Eccles 9:4..

Lions die of starvation.
Old lions wander away and die of starvation. Job 4:1

Lions can be observed.
Lions can be seen or observed / from high places. Isa 21:8

My soul is among lions.
Lord rescue my soul from the lions. Psa 35:17..My soul is among lions. Psa

Beware of lions.
In some countries lions walk along streets. Prov 26:13..Prov 22:13..Lions put to death, murder, kill, people in the streets. Prov 22:13 Beware of lions!

Lions were caught in pits.
Lions were caught in pits. 953..1 Chron 11:22

The man of God and the lion.
The lion killed a man of God whom he met along the way. 1 Kings 13:24-31..God delivered the disobedient man of God to the lion. 1 Kings 13:26

Samuel and the lion.
Samuel killed a lion. 1 Samuel 17:36..There was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion. Judges 14:8,9

The shepherd and the lion.
The shepherd takes pieces of his flock out of the mouth of the lion. Amos 3:12..

The devil is likened to a lion.
The devil who is the adversary, is likened to a lion. 1 Pet 5:8..

There are lions in heaven!
Lions will not kill and hurt and destroy in heaven. Isaiah 65:25 In heaven, lions will eat haum, stalks of grain, chaff, straw, and stubble. Isa 11:7

Copse. Wood (dense growth) of small trees and undergrowth, grown for periodical cutting.
Lion. Large tawny (yellowish-brown) African and South Asian powerful carnivorous feline (cat) with a tufted tail and (in the male) a flowing shaggy mane. Lioness. fem.
Scruff. Nape (back) of the neck.
Thicket. Thick (dense) growth of tangled shrubs and trees.
Veld, veldt (velt). High (elevated) open grassland in Southern Africa.
Verdure. Flourishing fresh and green vegetation.

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