Homosexuality! * Same Sex Relationships! * LIBRARIES! * Breach of Copyright! * Video Piracy!



Psa 141:10 Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape.

Now I am going to have a go at The Almighty God and his Son here, I have to, and that is why I have placed the scripture that is above there!

I know about homosexuality, from “the mouth of the devil” because that man who “UNLAWFULLY”  gained entry into my locked and “Bolted Government House” told me things!

And, as a result of meeting him, I personally found out things!


Homosexuality! Same Sex Relationships!

Now the devil told me, that he has only got to get a man to do it once [I suppose that refers to a woman also!] and he has got the man.

Now the devil, who eats people,  takes prisoners, and his snare is [unseen to human eyes] invisible! 1 Peter 5:8 Psalm 141:10

Well he captured me in his snare, and this is where I have a go at the Almighty God and his Son. The Devil came into my “Locked and Bolted Government House” and captured me in his snare. As far as I am concerned that is a “Criminal Offence,” because my house is Locked and Bolted, and because 1) I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to be involved with the [the devil. Psalm 37:4] Occultism. 2) I did not want any men hanging around my house. 3) I was a fresh widow,  and I had gotten rid of “politely” one man who had started hanging around, 4) and I was not encouraging any men to hang around me.  5) I did not want to marry any one [other than the Almighty God! Isa 54:5], and , 5) I did not want to have sex with anyone.

6) And, I happen to know, and can “Prove with Scriptures” and other evidence, that the Almighty God knew all of that, and 7) I believe it was the responsibility of The Almighty God to allow his Son to know all of that. 8) It was the responsibility of the Son of God to know all of that, before he entered into my house and called me to follow him on the 12th December 1994.

However when the Son of God called me and I was drawn with “LOVE” to follow him, “immediately enters into my life” within my “Locked and Bolted Government House” the man, who is the devil, and he spoke to me, and he touched my private part.

Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

I was not kept in perfect peace. Even though I had been studying the Bible for over 19 years, and I had been studying the bible when the Son of God called me to follow him!

Ecc 8:5 Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: I was keeping the commandments, and now I can feel an evil thing, the devil is touching my private part!

Now I had had a gut full of my episode with the devil in 1994, such a gut full, that I took a scripture, and turned it around, and I was living by this: “Dont’ do to other people the things that you don’t want people to do to you,” and I was living by that, so that if I was tempted by the devil to do anything, I will think that scripture, and then “I Will Not Do It!”

In the year of 2008, the devil has turned up again, and again he is within my “Locked and Bolted” Government House” and this time “unbeknown to me” he has a snare with him!

Trespassing! The Scene of the Crime!

SceneoftheCrime! Trespassing! .A.

Now when you are captured by the devil “ILLEGALLY” in my case! You are captured in an invisible flexible box [net?] type of thing, and at the front of the box [net?]  there is a screen! People can see you through the screen, and when you stand before a mirror, the devil who can get into the the box, [net?] with you, can place his image over yours, so that when you look into a mirror you actually see him.

The devil wanted my Bible Studies and he tried to get them from me, however, I would not give them to him, and eventually he became a very nasty, and wicked man, and the devil who had started changing my appearance, along with other devils, hurt me tremendously.

Homosexuality! Same Sex Relationships!

The man, or the woman, who commits an “Homosexual Act” is taken prisoner by the devil in his snare, and the man, or the woman, being hidden behind the devil’s screen, is repeatedly and tremendously and violently hurt by the “Sexually Sensationless” devil’s who repeatedly, rape, bash, abuse and belittle, humiliate, and degrade, etc, etc, etc, the man or the woman. You cannot see or hear these acts of cruelty taking place, and on the devils screen, you see a happy and cheerful, what you believe to be, homosexual person getting about the place. You do not! What you see is a “happy and cheerful” devil, who is enjoying life within the body of the homosexual person.

Now when you see these two homosexual men or woman, whom you believe are engaging in acts of homosexuality with one another, they are not! These two human beings are being horrendously, and grievously, afflicted, and maltreated, and abused, and repeatedly raped behind the devils screen! The devil eventually turns off the minds of the person’s, the person can no longer think, and the devil takes away their ability to speak, the person’s can no longer speak from out of their own mouths! And the devils, possessing their bodies, joyfully get around the earth within the bodies of these two people, enjoying living lives within their bodies, and thinking in the bodies of these person’s, using their own (the devil’s minds!), and talking out of the mouths of these two person’s, using their own (the devil’s voices [on the human voice!]) out of the mouth’s of the person’s, and, whilst enjoying the company, of their family, and friends, and whilst enjoying reading the contents of their minds, and devouring their wealth, whilst at the same time continually enjoying feeling their “Sexual Sensations” which they can milk from their bodies “One at a time” and which they can actually “share with any devil around this earth” with the use of Electronical Wires and Devices, the Devils Radio Communication System! Female devil’s are also involved in these types of activities!

To give you an example of the sufferings, the devil kept me in a state of “Constant Stress“, they give you no peace, they continually rape you, with the use of Vibrating Wires and Devices, and they even bite, and rip pieces out of your flesh, [My arms are covered with scars from the bites of devils!] They allow your injuries to recover somewhat, and then they attack wounded areas again! They wont’ let you sleep, they are at you all the time, and when you fall asleep, they will even wake you up, and at times even with an act of cruelty. They pour venom and hatred directly into your minds. I have had it in both ears, and directly into my mind, at the same time. They take the Word of God out of your mind, they talk and talk and talk over the bible, to stop you from hearing it. The devils use electric shocks. They shock you, and the devil,  Drip Shocked my heart for 36 hours and 40 minutes, and these devils actually have weapons, and they shoot you, and at you, and these devils’ have stun guns, and they will shoot you in the back of the head, and having knocked you out, they then rape, and rape, and rape, you! You cannot understand the sufferings they put you through, and never before, have I ever encountered such hatred, from any human being, and never in my life, have I ever been called by any human being, the things that these devil’s have called me.

Devil’s don’t always “Legally” take human beings captive!

I was a Healthy and Active 64 year old woman, when the “TRESPASSING” devil, “UNLAWFULLY” entered into my “Locked and Bolted Government Property” on the 1st May 2008, but by the 29th October 2011, as a result of the treatment I was being subjected to at  the hands of these devil’s, I was actually dying, and that is when I started calling out to people all around this earth to pray for me! And people have been praying for me, and as they pray for you, you become aware of something, you sought of feel it!

Criminal Offences!

Breaching of Copyright Laws, and the Violating of Intellectual Copyright Laws!

Now the Almighty God and His Son, and even the devil, god of the world upon this earth want these laws obeyed!

The devil himself told me, “When ever you see me, I am eating someone! ” [See: Above!]

I was in The Library at Phillip in Canberra, of the A.C.T. one day, and I saw the Devil, the god of the whole world upon this earth, proudly walk into that Library, with someone walking beside him, and they walked straight past me. Now “we are not allowed to Breach Copyright Laws in the Devil’s Libraries“, and if we do, The Lord God Almighty’s Judgments will be executed upon us, by his hand, or the Son of God’s hands, or by the hands of the devil, and god of the world that is upon the face of this earth!

Now I saw a man dying of “Starvation and Thirst” and I happen to know, from the mouth of the devil himself, that man, had Breached Copyright Laws, and he had committed some acts of Video Piracy! Now look at the Crimes the “TRESPASSING” devil, god of the whole world upon this earth has been committing against me, a woman, who had been studying the bible for over 33 years, and, a woman who wasn’t doing anything to anyone! He has been into my [“LIBRARY”] mind, reading it’s contents, and whilst doing it, he has been Breaching Copyright Laws and Violating my Intellectual Copyright Laws, and he has been committing acts of Video Piracy, he can take “A Movie” out of the mind, and show it to others.

And here is an example of another “Serious Offence” that has been committed, as he has been “Reading and Viewing within my Library of Knowledge!I was once in a Catholic Home for Girls, and I was in the bathroom, and I wandered down to the end of the bathroom, and looking to the left, there were three showers, and there were three “Naked Girls” aged between 16 to 18 years of age taking their showers, and the Trespassing Devil’s, some of, or all of, whom are perverts! Reading and Viewing within my Library of Knowledge!” saw that, and they can “Zoom in closer to see the nudity of those girls“, and they can take pictures from those “Living Movies“, of those girls, and if they want to, hang them on their walls in Sheol! Can you see why I am upset about this matter? And that is just the “Tip of this Iceberg” of these “Illegal Criminal Offences” that have been getting committed against me “AND OTHER’S”  whilst this “Trespassing Perverted, and Foul Mouthed, Murdering, and Lying, and Violent, Devil” has “been allowed” to keep me captive in his snare!

Lesbians! And whilst this “Trespassing Perverted, and Foul Mouthed, Murdering, and Lying, and Violent, Devil” is within Your Body, as you shower, or bath, this person, and others, are not only “looking at your body,” as your run your hands over your body, they have their “hands within your hands” and they are “running their hands over your naked body!”

MEN! The devil’s, and in my case, they came into my bedroom like “A Group of Thugs” punch, and beat, and bash, and slap, you in the face, they can break your cheek bones. Now when you see a man [or a woman] with lines down beside their noses, and no “sort of,” puffed up cheeks, the devils have probably been punching that man in the face!

MEN! Now the devil’s can come into your home as anyone, so the devil, who wanted to get me, came into my home as “Bruce Lee” and the devil, on a couple of occasions, dragged me before the mirror, and he shouted “I AM THE DEVIL!” And as Bruce Lee, he “Flogged and Flogged and Flogged” me, [a woman, a widow, who was by this time, possibly over 65 years of age, and I am only 4 feet and 11 and a half inches tall,] I felt blood vessels burst within my temples, and I felt blood spurting down inside of my head, I went into an attack of breathlessness, and hyperventilating, I collapsed onto my bed. I think the Almighty God and His Son treated me, as I slept, they had to have stopped the internal bleeding, or else I would have died then! The devil when he is hurting you, has a habit of telling you, to die, and he will say things like “Die Ya Bastard, Die!

Men! As I was going through these experiences with the devil, he told me that the Muslims are his people, he had manifested himself to me, as Julius Caesar, and an Egyptian Pharaoh, as Genghis Khan, as Mao Sedung, as Adolph Hitler, and some other Persian fellow, and as Buddha, he had offered me a Ministry in India on condition I teach my Bible Studies with the Indian Faith, I had declined that offer, and he had introduced himself to me as Jehovah, and Jesus Christ, he has manifested as Boko Haram,  he is also ruling his world in countries such as Japan and China, and also India, he is also ruling North Korea, he is ruling countries where “The Bible (LIGHT! 1 Jn 1:5 & Jn 8:12 ) is not accepted,” and in these countries, there will be men and women, who have been, and who will eventually be, receiving the types of treatment that I have received at the hands of, the devils.

The sufferings that I have been through, are a small price to pay, for the “Glory and Honor” that I will receive, from The Almighty God, his Son, The Word of God and King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and The Members of the Heavenly Kingdom of God, for the information that I have obtained, and which I am being able to reveal to, The Members of, The Human Race! Noelene Joy Rout 12.41pm 27th March 2020


Addition! 5th June 2024.

On the night of the 6th May 2008, the devil, God of the world upon this earth, entered into my bedroom, in a “Locked & Bolted Government House” where,  using a mirror & Elecronic Devices, he commenced “Setting me up for the Kill!” 1 Peter 5:8.

By this time of my life, I had been studying the bible for over 33 years, and  I was not doing anything to anyone! Now, before the “CONCEALED” [INVISIBLE] devil [The Almighty God’s enemy!] entered into my body, [before the devil caught me in his snare] he had been talking to me in a mirror, that was beside my computer, and I heard a scripture being spoken and the scripture was,  ” .. he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more. He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him any more. Job 7:9, 10 Now at this point of time, I believe the devil has been warned, so, if he carries on with his Criminal Activities, [He is, committing Criminal Offences!] I believe, he is to be wounded in his head and his hairy scalp, by, The Almighty God!

Psa 68:21  But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses.

Now, the “CONCEALED CRIMINAL” carried on with his trespasses, [he had been using images of my dead father. who had died in 1968 etc, etc,) and he, the “CONCEALED CRIMINAL” put a picture of a young girl on the mirror that was beside my computer, and THE ALMIGHTY GOD DID NOT WOUND HIM IN HIS HEAD AND IN HIS HAIRY SCALP!Which then, gave me time, to say, “So and so is here, would you like to meet her?” and then, the “CONCEALED CRIMINAL” the Almighty God’s “CONCEALED CRIMINAL PROPERTY” Job 12:1:16 & John 8:44,  without invitation from me, ENTERED INTO MY BODY!


Pharaoh Thutmose III is Egypt’s “Most Dangerous Pharaoh!”






Buddha & Hindu God!

I recognize, Buddha & the Hindu God, above, as the god of the world upon the face of this earth!

Noelene Joy Rout 5th June 2024




Light&Sun(C)NJRout18thNov2023 013.A.Negative!


Sunsetting(C)NjRout8.33pm7thDec2013 049 Sunset.FanofOrange.



To hear the music, I clicked open link in new window, I then cut  the www .. address out of the browser box, I them pasted it back  and then it appeared like this


so I cut that out, pasted it back, pressed enter ,and the music downloaded to my computer!



The Music!




God is Light. 1 Jn 1:5



Light.(C)NjRout17thNov2016 005

The Movie!


Psa 74:20 .. the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.


Can the “READERS” now see why, “I want to meet The Lord God Almighty, and His Son, “The Word of God” in their, “Law Courts in Heaven!



Psa 84:11 .. The Supreme God is a sun and shield: [([(יהוה Yehôvâh)])] will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


Psa 84:11 .. the LORD God is a sun / [is a sun] and shield: the LORD wi-ill give grace and [gra-ace and] glory: no good thing will he withhold from them [from them] that wa-alk uprightly. ([no good thing will he withhold from them [from them] that wa-alk uprightly.])


The LORD God is a sun.


Click picture twice: TO SEE THE LARGER PICTURE!

Cable of The Sun!



The Cable of The Sun!



TheSun.(C)NjRout.7.43pm21stMarch2016 027

The Movie!


Thank “YOU” for “YOUR” prayers, Please!


Almighty God in & through the name of your only begotten Son, The Word of God, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS, Rev 19:13 -16 people from all around this earth, from various Christian Denominations, have been [“hopefully” PLEASE!] praying for my protection, & deliverance, from the devil, [& his demon’s, & their wires & devices] for over 8 years now, that is from the 29 October 2011 to i.e. even this date, & I would like you, Almighty God, with whom nothing shall be impossible, & also, your only begotten Son, The Word of God, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS Rev 19:13 -16 “to pleaseperiodically, read (i.e. in your mind?), & or remember, those prayers” that have been prayed for me, [i.e. possibly as far back as to the fourth generation,] & or over me, & that “are” being prayed for me, or over me, & or, for others by me, & others, & I would like you Almighty God, & your only begotten Son, to please remember & “continually honour” those prayers, “here & there” “throughout each day & each night” for the remaining years, of my life, & their lives, upon the face of this earth, & I would also like TOTAL HEALING” please, BECAUSE IT WAS “YOUR PROPERTY” THE DEVIL/S who CAME INTO MY HOME & THEN ENTERED MY BODY, & OFFENDED AGAINST ME, & hurt me, & I would like you, Almighty God, & your only begotten Son, to, “REMOVE THE WIRES & THE DEVICES, & STOP THE DEVIL FROM TRYING TO GET MY BIBLE STUDIES FROM ME!” Zech 7:10 Matthew 12:38-40 Exodus 22:22-24 & please Look after This Website, & other of my Websites, & Works, & Music “Please & Thank You,” & I would also like you to keep my “Phone/s, Internet, & the Computers, Working, & in “Perfect Working Order!Please & Thank you. 7.58 am 27th March 2020


Prayers NEEDED!

Antennae & Camera’s found in Gigantic Cable of the Sun.



No reply required & I don’t want to purchase anything. Thank You. Noelene.