Psa 50:10 .. every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.            Psa 50:11 I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine.
Psa 50:12 If I were hungry, I would not tell thee: for the world is mine, and the fulness thereof.



Pro 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

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by Noelenejoy

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Tigers are cats. Tigers are big cats.

Tigers growl and purr.

The coat of a tiger is orange and white, with dark stripes upon its fur.

Tigers live in jungles, Tigers are hard to see,

because the color of their coat is the same,

as shadows, and grass, and trees.


Tiger Sounds
Tigers are animals, cats. Tigers are big, strong, muscular, fierce, and dangerous cats. Tigers are the biggest, and strongest cats in the world. The tiger is a member of the family of cats, which includes, lions, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, puma’s, leopards and domestic cats. Tigers roam on the central plains of India among black buck antelope, wild buffalo, deer, lemur monkeys, peacocks, vultures, and other animals and creatures, they live in the hot jungles of Asia, and in the cold rocky mountains of Siberia. Tigers weigh about 225 kilograms. The tiger is feared by all animals.

Different types of tigers.
There is only one type of tiger. This one type of tiger is divided into five subspecies, among which are: the Bengal, the Sumatran, the Siberian, the Indo-Chinese, and the small South China tiger.

In the undergrowth of forests, blending in with grass, and light and shade, tigers are hard to see.

Here is a scripture from the Holy Bible.
23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. Jeremiah 13:23

Here is the scripture again with Hebrew words and their meanings placed before the words “leopard” and “spots”
23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the [ðîø na^me^r naw-mare’ to filtrate, that is, be limpid (compare 5247 and 5249); to (spot, stain) as if by dripping; a leopard (from its stripes): – leopard. See. Strongs 5246] leopard his [çáøá?øä cha? barbu^ra^h khab-ar-boo-raw’ a streak (like a line), as on the tiger: – spot, spots. See Strongs 2272] spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. Jeremiah 13:23

Leopards are not striped, and tigers are not spotted. All cats such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, puma’s, leopards and domestic cats, are related. Lots of cats are marked with spots, and rings, and streaks, and stripes, and lines, so, this Hebrew word and its meaning, is probably referring to, the family of cats, and other animals creatures, insects and birds. When God was desigining the colors of cats, and other animals, creatures, insects, and birds, he probably stained, and dripped, and dropped, colors upon a white board.

Camouflaged. Having a similar color to the colors of the surrounding background.

Camouflage helps animals, birds, creatures, and insects, to hide in their surrounding backgrounds, so that they cannot be seen by predators, and or, prey.

The coat of a tiger is colored in a manner that causes it to blend into its surrounding background. The tigers striped, red-orange, and dark striped fur, blend in with the shadows of branches, and dry grass. There are various types of tigers, and each tiger has a different type of coat. Siberian tigers who live on cold, and snowy, rocky mountains, have a lighter colored, and thicker coat.

The teeth of a tiger.
Tigers and also lions, have thirty teeth, they have small incisor teeth at the fronts of their mouths, they have four long, and sharp, pointed canine teeth behind the incisors, and behind the canines they have large back (molar) teeth in the sides of their jaws for eating meat and chewing up bones. Tigers and also lions, use their teeth to catch, and grip the prey and rip (tear) off morsels (pieces) of meat to eat.

Bible study.
Lions have teeth Job 4:10..Joel 1:6..Rev 9:8..Lions have 8127 front teeth, lions have teeth in their 4973 cheeks (jaws). Joel 1:6..Lions have back teeth..4459 ..Psa 58:6..Lions break in pieces, and crush and crumble (grind) the bones of their prey with their back teeth. 4459..Psa 58:6). 1855 Dan 6:24.. Lions bite with their teeth. 4973 Joel 1:6..The teeth of lions are sharp. Job 4:10..Joel 1:6..Lions teeth are beaten down, and sometimes torn out and broken. 5421 Job 4:10.. Lions are big cats. tigers are big cats. Lions and tigers are members of the cat family.

Lions pull, rend, tear, their prey to pieces. 2963 Psa 7:2..Psa 17:12..Psa 22:13..Ezek 19:3..Lions pluck pieces of their prey. 2963 2964 Job 4:11..Psa 7:2..Psa 17:12..Psa 22:13..Ezek 19:3..The female lion provides her cubs with morsels of food. 2963 Psa 7:2..Psa 17:12..Psa 22:13..Lions (break) pieces off the prey. Psa 7:2.. Lions denude (craunch) the bones of prey and break them up. Psa 7:2

Lions break in pieces, and crush and crumble (grind) the bones of their prey (with their back teeth. 4459..Psa 58:6)..1855 Dan 6:24..

Tigers are meat-eaters carnivores. Meat contains strength energy. Tigers eat meat to obtain energy. Energy comes from the sun. Plants use photosynthesis to absorb energy from the sun, some animals eat plants to obtain energy, and carnivores like tigers get their energy by eating the animals who ate the plants that absorbed the energy from the sun.

The jaw of a tiger.
The jaw of a tiger is short and powerful.

The tigers claws.
The claws of tigers and lions are deadly curved. Tigers retract their claws, (pull their claws back into their paws). Tigers and also lions flick out their claws when they are ready to attack. Tigers use their claws to grip and slash the prey. They use their claws to climb up trees, and they sharpen their claws by scratching them on the trunks of trees.

Bible study.
Lions and also tigers quietly lurk and wait in secret places to ambush the prey. Psalm 17:12..Lions and also tigers pull, rend and tear the prey into pieces. Lions and tigers are cats, lions and tigers are members of the cat family. All cats have similar behaviour.

Tigers live in forests. Tigers live in conifer, oak, tropical and rainforests. Tigers live alone, they sleep a lot, they love water, they sometimes climb trees, and they hunt at night. Bengal tigers charge into the water to catch samba deer.

Tigers don’t like walking on hot ground, or rough surfaces because their feet are padded. Tigers walk on their toes because tigers have padded feet. Tigers live in jungles and jungles are full of undergrowth and grass.

Tigers are hunters. Tigers are expert hunters. Tigers hunt at night.

Tigers tip toe through the jungles in the darkness of night. The eyes of a tiger bulge, and they can see in the dark, they have good hearing, and they pick up the slightest sound of movement.

Tigers can tell their prey by the sounds the animals make, when moving through the bushes and grass. These attributes help the tiger to hunt in the jungle at night. Tigers secretly and silently creep through the shadow striped undergrowth of jungles on their padded feet looking for prey.

Hunting alone, they use their sharp claws, and sharp pointed teeth to catch, hold of, to tear into the neck of, and eat their prey.

Prey is the food that animals, tigers, eat. Tigers hide in long grass, and bushes, from where they slowly, and quietly stalk (follow and creep up on) other animals (their prey).

The tiger creeps up as close as it can to the animal (prey), then it crouches down low, and watches the animal (prey) and silently waits for the moment when it suddenly, attacks without warning, ambushes bursts out of the bushes in a leap, and pounces on the frightened startled animal (prey) grabbing it by the throat, it knocks it to the ground, and rapidly kills it by breaking its neck, by strangulation, or, suffocation.

The tiger then hungrily eats some of the prey before seizing it and dragging it over long distances to hide it in bushes, and long grass, where it will later return with its cubs, or in the case of a male, on its own, to safely eat it in seclusion, hidden from the scavenging eyes of vultures and jackals.

Tigers like to eat beside water, so, sometimes the tigress will drag the prey into water where she and her cubs will dine, the tigress will even eat the meat when it is rotten. Tigers are hungry cats, and an adult tiger might eat up to 30 kilograms of meat at one sitting.

During mating time, when a male, and a female, are living together, a male tiger will sometimes share his kill with the female.

A tiger uses its claws, teeth and rough tongue to remove the skin from the flesh of the prey, before it eats it up. Tigers that have been unable to eat all of their large catch have been known to cover it with grass and earth, and feed on it the following night.

Tigers hunt turtles, and fish, in rivers and swamps. Tigers enter into the waters of rivers, and swamps, where they eat turtles, and fish, and swim, and cool down from the heat.

A wise tiger will avoid hunting buffalos because many tigers have died as a result of being gored by the buffalos horns.

Tigers are very careful when selecting their prey. Tigers dont usually fight over food, the tigress eats first, and the cubs wait their turn. Weak cubs sometimes die of starvation. Well fed tigers are happy tigers, who lie in the shade in the heat of the day resting not far from their prey which will last them for three of four days. The tigers success rate of catching and killing prey, is about one, out of every twenty attempts. Several animals are killed by tigers every week.

The tigers prey.
Tigers hunt and eat: ants which they lap up with their tongues, frogs, fish, turtles, water birds, monkeys, wild pigs, deers, rhinos, young elephants, and water buffalo. A tiger will wait beside a waterhole to ambush prey.

Tigers go swimming.
When it is hot tigers like to go for a swim to cool down. Tigers love water. Tigers have been known to swim between 5 and 6 kilometres. When there is no other prey around, a tiger will go fishing.

Tigers live on their own in their own territories. The size of the territory depends on the amount of available prey. Tigers mark the edges of their territories with scent from their bodies, they rub their chests and heads on bushes and trees, to show that the territory is taken. A tiger will usually live in its own territory for its entire life. A tiger will leave its territory if the prey runs out, or if another tiger beats it in a fight and drives it away. The tigers snarl and roar at one another, or they have a fight, until one is driven away.and lions also snarl and growl, and roar. Cubs are raised by their mothers in the mothers territory. The cubs are driven out to find their own territories when they are about two years old. Male cubs travel long distance to find territories, while the female cubs find territories close to their mothers.

Bible study.
Lions and tigers snarl. 5099 5098 Prov 19:12..Prov 20:2 Lions and tigers roar..7826 Job 4:10..Lions and tigers fight. ìéù layish lah’-yish From 3888 ìå?ù? lu^sh loosh in the sense of crushing; a lion (from his destructive blows): – (old, young, stout, great, bold) lion. See Strongs 3918

Tigers mate, and have cubs. When a female tiger, tigress is ready to get pregnant, she leaves her perfumed smell through the jungle, and when the male tiger smells the perfume, he starts to call out roar for her, the tigress answers his roar, and the tigers meet and mate, and after a few days the tiger goes on his way.

A tigress carries her cubs for about four months. When the tigress is close to the time of having her cubs she finds a den, or a place in thick bushes beneath trees where she can safely give birth to her cubs. Female tigers can give birth to from one to six cubs. Tiger cubs are about the size of a domestic cat. But among the litter of cubs there is a cub that is called a runt, this is the tiniest tiger of all which usually dies shortly after its birth. Tiger cubs stay in the den where they were born for about the first eight weeks of their lives. Male tigers will sometimes kill their own cubs. Pythons and jackals kill tiger cubs! The tigress stays close to her cubs, and guards them, and if ever she has to move them, she carries them by the scruff of their necks in her mouth.

Tigers are mammals. Tiger cubs are born blind, they open their eyes at around fourteen days after their birth. The cubs suckle drink milk from their mother’s teats for the first six months of their lives. All of the nutrients that a cub requires are contained in their mother’s milk. The mother tiger cleans her cubs by washing them with saliva on her tongue.The tigress cares for her young cubs and hunts prey food for them for about two years. A tigress hides her young cubs when she goes off to hunt.

The cubs teeth.
Cubs are born with teeth, their first teeth are called milk teeth. At about six months of age, the cubs adult teeth begin to grow beside their milk teeth. When the cubs adult teeth have fully grown, the milk teeth fall out.

Teaching the cubs.
Cubs dont know how to hunt and kill and tear the prey to pieces. 3925 Ezekiel 19:3..Female tigers teach their cubs to hunt. The tigress starts teaching the cubs when they are about six months old. The tigress hides the cubs in long grass and bushes so they can watch her hunt. Watching the tigress hunt, teaches the cubs to hunt. Cubs also learn to hunt during fighting among themselves and play. When the tigress kills an animal she calls out to her cubs, and when the cubs join her she lets them feed on the prey. Later the tigress catches living prey and gives them to her cubs and lets them kill them. When tiger cubs start hunting on their own they usually hunt smaller prey. Male tiger cubs grow faster than female tiger cubs. When tiger cubs are about two years old they are ready to live on their own.

Teaching the cubs to swim.
Tigers are strong swimmers and they spend a lot of time hunting in rivers and swamps. Young cubs are taught to swim by their mothers, she will go into the water and call them, and if the cubs refuse to follow her, she picks them up by the scruff of the neck and drops them in the water.

Tigers can only run fast for short distances. During running the paws of a tiger touch the ground one at a time.

A tigers back legs are longer than its front legs. Tigers use their long back legs to jump up into the air. Tigers have been known to jump up to two metres into the air.

Sounds that the tigers make.
Tigers grunt, snarl, growl, spit, hiss, moan and roar. Aggressive tigers growl, they also hiss and spit. Angry tigers put their heads down low, and with their eyes wide open swish their tails from side to side.
Snarling tigers are defensive; narrowing their eyes and flattening their ears, they bare their teeth and hold their tails down low. Tigers softly moan when they are calling their cubs, and when the tigers meet, they chuff and then they greet, rubbing faces together, rubbing cheek to cheek, and when tigers get angry, they show spots upon their ears.

Dying tigers.
The life of a tiger is difficult, young cubs are killed by predators, tigers are killed in fights, tigers die because they are injured, tigers are shot by humans, and tigers starve to death. Old tigers starve to death because their teeth get broken and fall out, and they can no longer hunt for prey.

Bible study.
Lions teeth are ground down, and sometimes torn out and broken. See Strongs 5421 of Job 4:10..Strongs 4459 of Psalm 58:6

The old lion perisheth for lack of prey, and the stout lion’s whelps are scattered abroad. Job 4:11 The lion is a cat, the tigers is a cat, lions and the tigers are members of the cat family.

The fear of a tiger.
Tigers are afraid of packs of dholes (wild dogs) that are found in the jungles of Asia. Tigers also fear man. Genesis 9:2

Endangered Species.
About 100 years ago there were 100 000 tigers living on the earth. Today there are only about 7000 tigers living on the earth. Tigers are an endangered species because their forests are being cut down, and they are being forced out of their natural habitats by man.Tigers and their prey need forests in which to hunt and live. We need forests because the roots of the trees hold soil together, which prevents erosion of the soil, we need the forests because they provide shade which lowers the temperature upon the earth, and helps to retain moisture in the soil, moisture, which travels up through the roots of the trees and into the air, where the moisture forms clouds, which drop rain down all over the earth, we need the forests because, trees (help to remove carbon dioxide from the air) purify the air we breath. Many tigers are killed, simply for their bones, and their fur. Who needs tiger bones and fur? The Tiger!




The Tiger’s needs.
There are three things that a tiger needs to survive, water, prey, and forests. Prey live in forests, tigers hunt in forests, both tigers, and prey, need places to live, and also places to hide.

The Tigers skeleton.
The backbone of a tiger contains five more vertebrae than that of a human. The tigers skeleton is similar to the skeleton of a lion.

Tiger. Large maneless carnivore, of the cat family. Widely distributed throughout Asia, it inhabits jungle and forests regions, preying on zebra, deer, pig, wilderbeest, girrafe, buffalo, domestic cattle, small animals, and occasionally on man himself. 6 ft long with a 3-ft long tail, it is red-orange above, with black striping on head, limbs, body, and tail, and under parts that are white. Tigers and lions generally live for between 15 and twenty years.

Any errors within this work are not intentional.

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